Chapter 7. Just Lick Your Fingers.

We’ve decided to cast off on a sailboat long before the kids were born. But they were part of the plan, so we’ve waited for them. Since they’re born, we take all precautions possible to make sure they know what a sailboat is. We buy books, have paintings, games…

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Chapter 4. El Gaucho Y La Piñata.

Let’s go back in time a bit as Salty was about to turn 3 years old.


-We’re gonna throw a Mexican party for her birthday! You know, so she’s already a bit introduced to a different culture. What do you say Sam? I’m going to…

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Chapter 3. Stair Wars

The bottom of my basement staircase feels like the war room in the Star Wars rebel base.

To give you a bit of context, we’ve been rebuilding our current sailboat engine completely this winter…

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