Chapter 10. The Selective Sleep.

It seems that sleep triggers sleep. Unfortunately for us, Matey is teething. Indeed! the first week has been great (except the first night) in regard of sleep. Now, Matey has started to wake up 2, 3 even 4 times per night. And waking up earlier. All that to say… : he is tired.


He still get sleep during the day, but it has just being more…chaotic.


-Matey, another bite of couscous?
-Mateeeyyyy, open your mouth…


His head fall on my arm.


-Is he sleeping? ask Sam.
-He is deeply asleep.

The next day, after a morning nap and another afternoon nap to catch up Matey’s lack of sleep at night, we head up for the grocery. On the way back Matey falls back in the baby carrier.


-He fell asleep?
-He is deeply asleep.
-What do we do? He needs a life jacket for the ride back in zodiac getting back to the boat.
-He does…sight. Let’s wake him to put the life hack.


Fortunately for us, when you wake up Matey, he is never upset more than the time it takes to realize that there are people around him. That’s all it takes for Matey to get a smile.


At the boat, Matey and Salty sleeps less than a meter away from each other. Quite a change from our house.

Few days later, with all the disrupted sleep, naps in the day started to be a tad off schedule. That day, from 11h to 13h30, the two kids napped like they never napped before. They were too tired to even care not having a lunch first. But since we were going to the beach in the afternoon, the timing for that early nap seemed really perfect to us: more time to play in the sand.


Both kids had a blast at the beach making sand volcano, rivers, dams and splashing in the water. Before heading back, I change Matey’s diaper.


-Don’t move Matey, I’ll lift your legs to change your diap… Matey? … Matey?
-Don’t tell me he fell asleep while changing his diaper?
-He is deeply asleep. Again!
-Poor Matey, he is toasted.
-I know, too bad we have to wake him up AGAIN to put his life jacket before the zodiac ride back to the boat.

But Matey did NOT wake up that time when we put his life jacket on. He did not wake up when the engine started. He did not wake up when the waves splashed on us on the way back. He did not wake up when I removed his life jacket to put him to bed. If I didn’t know he was SO exhausted of his past nights, I would have take his vital signs.


During the night, Matey woke up, whining a little for some milk.

-There you go Matey. Now time to finish your night. Good night…. shushhh…


I tip toe out of the kids cabin. I take all precautions necessary to make no noise on the cracking floor. I close the door of the bedroom. I gently close the lock of the cabin;



I instantly hear the blanket moving in the cabin and the body movement of a head raising to look around.


Well. I’ve heard of selective memory before, but never of selective sleep. I think I’ll make some researches.

Salty’s been very patient with her baby brother awakening at night. She catches up some sleep during the day with some cat naps here and there. Nothing beats naps in light waves.


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