Chapter 17. The Demotion Of The Lucky Underwear (Part 2)

-What do you mean by ” They changed their mind!” Sam?

-Why, exactly that. They changed their mind.

My mother adds (after all, we crash at her place since we sold the house) :

-Yes, they changed their mind. But does it mean they accept your offer?

-Well yes. Exactly that. They changed their mind, and thus, they accept our offer. Isn’t it a good news?


It is supposed to be a good news indeed. But I am SO PISSED. Really? We spent our last plane tickets for nothing, we came back empty handed because they refused to negociate. And two weeks later they “change their mind”. Did they do it on purpose or what?


-What do we do? asks Sam showing me every single teeth of his smiling mouth.


It took me the whole night getting over the frustration. I replied only in the morning to Sam’s question:


-Well. I imagine we need to shop for plane tickets yet again to go there and do a survey and a sea trial, if we want to buy that “perfect for us” boat?

-YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am shopping for our plane tickets just now! he says jumping from his chair at least 1 meter high.

-WOOOOOOO calm down! YOUr plane ticket Sam. We spent too much for that already. That time, you will go alone.

-It’s true it is getting expensive for travels.

-Yep… and since the good boats became rare since the past 5 hurricanes of last year, and that everybody wants to replace their boat, we have to go like NOW. We’ll pay big price for the plane. No time to waste though.


As Sam is about to leave for the airport the day after:


-Sam, do you have your passport?

-Of course Cass.

-Do you have your toothbrush? A pad and pen to take notes, your phone charger to call us and give some news?

-YES … all that.

-.. and …well… do you have a new pair of lucky underwear?


He smiles with a grin:




Sam doesn’t believe in God or in Karma. He doesn’t believe in destiny. He only trust himself, his decisions and his capacity for action in life. AND in his lucky underwear. Let’s hope this new pair will keep its position for a while…

Cover photo: Sam feeling confident before the sea trial (wearing the lucky underwear).

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