Chapter 18. What Did You Just say?

For the last time before we leave, we are with Sophie, our doctor guru. She is teaching us how to make stitches. Honestly : I hope if won’t need some. But if we need some, and cannot reach medical assistance, better safe than sorry.


We bought a pork leg to practice.


-So here, you  turn the thread around the plyers and you pull to make the knot.

-Aghhh, didn’t work so well for me. Look Sophie! The 2 sides of the wound are too loose, it seems.

-That’s because you didn’t invaginate it enough.

-Eee.. what?!

Sophie is like that. Sometimes she drops specific medical terminology that we are not really familiar with. Usually I raise a puzzled eyebrow. That time, I must admit that I raised two. Sam says:



-Invaginate. That’s a word. It means to introvert. To capsize, kind of.

-…Does it?


She laughs.

-Why, I’m pretty sure it is!


I keep stitching trying to find every reason to pronounce that new funny sounding word.

Cass making stitches like a boss. Sailors and knots should get along well.

-I hope our boat is never gonna invaginate in the sea.

-Not sure that applies to that kind of capsize, she replies.


I don’t despair practicing my new vocabulary:


-Dang… look my stitch now Sophie, it looks too much evaginated.

-Can you say that? she asks.

-I don’t know…I guess if you can invaginate, you can evaginate? No…?

-Not sure. Let’s google that.


Sam stops stitching:

-NOPE, let’s NOT…


Arriving back at my mom’s house that evening:


-Hello you two, how was your evening. What did you learn that time?

-Went great! We learned how to invaginate a pork!!!


In case you ask : we passed the class. Woop woop!

(But my guess is that you are googling Invagination and Evagination at the moment. )


Top photo: Cass making a few stitches on the pork leg. I guess the butcher would be surprise of how we “cooked it”.

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