Chapter 2. The Best Friend Forever Necklace

We are shopping for medical gear online. We have a few months to get good at using measuring blood pressure and using stethoscope. Shopping together is always quite something…It’s a bit like being lost in car and fighting between asking for directions or sniffing the air to find the good way, Alpha male style: it’s a never ending thing. After looking at zillions of reviews, Sam found a nice company, MDF Instruments, that sells what seems to be pretty good quality gear:

-Wait Cass, I will go on their website to get the full specs of the blood pressure meter. Look! it says that the pro model has double bowel on it.
-What is a bowel?
-I don’t know but if it’s double it must be good, no?
-… I guess?
– For sure! A double bowel is better than a single bowel!
-So it’s going to last longer? Even on a boat with a full humid environment all the time? It’s double the price honey…
-… I guess…
-Click on the chat button and let’s ask!
-No. Look there is a section with a bunch of info and specifications of their product!

As his eyes are looking everywhere on the page, he comes up with precious additional info:

-See! It says it is more precise with the double bowels.

I raise my eyebrows and make my famous I’m-Not-Impressed face.

-Click on the chat button Sam.

He doesn’t. Instead, he opens Google translate. (??)

-What are you doing? I ask keeping calm as much as I can.
-Well! We will know at least what a double bowel means in French.

He sighs and types a friendly conversation starter : “Hi!”

“Hello my name is Jana! How can I help you?”

I like Jana already. I smile and picture the face I will make to Sam when we will end up making our choice. Probably my Told-You-So face.

“Hi Jana, we wanted to know the difference between the regular and the pro model please? In brief we are a family that will be living on a sailboat and we need a blood pressure kit to practice during our medical classes in the years before we cast off.”

The three dots indicating she’s writing show up in the chat window. Finally, some useful info!

Bing! her reply appears:
“The pro model has a double bowel.”

COME ON JANA!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! You were supposed to save me from that never-ending shopping session. Sam looks at me with a face, the See-Why-It-Serves-Nothing-To-Ask one. I could face-palm myself right now but it would give Sam reason so I don’t. Sam and Jana starts an enthusiast chat of 45 minutes. She asks a lot of questions about our trip…at some point:

“We are really excited by your trip in sailboat! Would you like being ambassador for us? We would send you a free blood pressure device kit!”

WHAIT? WHAT!? HURRAY! Sam and I are just like kids at Christmas eve! I am actually already picturing myself writing a Christmas card for Jana. I will draw some mistletoe and maybe a reindeer, girls love reindeers.

“We want to know more about your adventures! We’ll send you the pro kit.”

Bing again!
“That’s the one with the double bowel ;)”

I look at Sam and I add very seriously:
-Double bowel is best for the boat humid environment anyway.

Jana. I love you. By the time I wrote this post, I bought us a Best Friend Forever necklace. Your half is in the mail coming soon.

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