Chapter 22. Welcome Pablo!

-So you are removing the boat name, huh Sam? asks Mike in the boat yard.

-Yep! Have to. Once it is registered, you need to have it written on the hull, replies Sam hands full of goo gone.


He would have million things to do more important, but legally, it needs to happen: Sam has to change the decal on the boat. And quite honestly, changing the boat name when it’s in the water is pretty hard.


-I get that…but why Pablo?

-Pablo is short! Easier when you talk on the VHF to say Papa Alpha Bravo Lima Oscar, rather than Delta Alpha Romeo Kilo Sierra Indiana Delta Echo. It’s also easy to prononce in most language, if not any I feel.


Mike hesitate before replying. Then he adds:


-I feel you… My boat name is Altitude Adjustment.

-… yeah… that’s it.

-But that doesn’t answer my question. What’s with the penguin next to it?

-AH! The story of why Pablo!

-I’m curious.

-That’s for my wife Cass.

-You have a wife?

-Yes, you know it Mike! Sam answers.

-Well, we all start to doubt it, it’s been weeks and no sign of her, Mike adds laughing.

-All right, where’s your wife Mike?

-Good point… good point.

Sam looks at the decal of the new name trying to make it straight. He continues:


-Pablo was Cass favorite cartoon when she was young. It’s part of a Disney movie, The Tree Caballeros. Pablo is a penguin who was always cold. And decides to set sail for warmer latitude. He lives on the flow in Antarctica in an igloo and just end up cutting a chunk of the flow and makes a sailboat out of it. Then he sails for the Galagos!


This add was in the airport at our first trip to visit Pablo. Pretty accurate!


-That’s nice. Fits nicely. So you’re saying Cass loves that movie, fits your story.

-More than that: Cass IS Pablo. Literally.

-What do you mean?

-In the story, Pablo spends his days next to his stove to get warm. When his belly is warm, he realizes his tail is cold. He turns and warm his tail. Then he realizes his belly is cold. He turns and warm his belly. Cass was doing the exact same thing in front of the chimney when living in the suburb.

-During winter? In Canada! I can understand.


See the cartoon of Pablo here at 2m20s !


Sam removes the backing of the decal while he grins:


-Well… to say the truth,  even in summer time.

-Well! Looks like she is Pablo. Gotta go fix my own boat. Man, you gotta take some breaks time to time…

-Haha! Nope! No time to waste, they arrive in less than a week.


Sam stops smiling.


-Dang!!! The logo is tilted!

-She’s not gonna notice. I barely noticed.

-She’s an artist.

-You’re in trouble Sam…

-I know!

The champagne ceremony that MUST happen when renaming a boat only happened on December 1st but we got some firework at our anchorage that night. Welcome in the family Pablo!


PS: Yes! we now fly the good flag 😉

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  • Eric Asselin December 7, 2018   Reply →

    Hey Cass, I also remember that Pablo is the name of the penguin in the Backyardigans!) remember making games for those pesky pests back at Sarbakan?
    (I also read Disney’s Pablo stories, as a kid. It’s true you’re as free spirited as he is (and as cold!)) 😀

    Anyway, Bravo for your Pablo !!!

    • cass December 8, 2018   Reply →

      I tried as much as I could to avoid thinking of that stupid Pablo of the backyardigans!!! It’s a fake Pablo 😀

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