Chapter 23. The Mysterious Disappearing Of The Orange Fridge.

Kids arrived at the boat. They look at their bedroom, their toys…their new home.


-Wooooooowwwwww, says Salty.

-Woooooooowwwwoooowwww, , says Matey.

-Daddy, what is this orange thing in the middle of the living room?

-It’s a fridge Salty.

-It’s our fridge Daddy?

-No, our fridge is in the kitchen. But for now we have to use this one.

-Me LOVE orange fridge! Says Mateo.

-Well, as soon as we put Pablo in the water, we won’t need it, so don’t get attached to it…

The fridge came in two colors. Sam chose orange because its the favorite color or a dearest friend. 🙂

After a week and a half of juggling between work and family, we are ready to put Pablo in the water.


-Kids, today we splash the boat!

-YEAHHHHH we splash the boat!!!! they cheered doing a happy dance.


Sam is excited. And nervous. A very important part of a boat, called thru-holes, allow the water to get out or in the water either above or under the water line. Sam changed them all and putting the boat in the water is the ultimate test. Leakages being what we want to avoid at all cost.

-I am here to help you to splash the boat, any help you need, tell me! says Jock to me.


Jock is a good friend Sam made in the yard. He is excellent at knowing what to say and make people feel comfortable.


– Sam is a bit running to finalize the preparations, like getting rid of the fridge.

– That’s true, you certainly won’t bring back the fridge in dinghy back to shore after.

– Thanks Jock! Gotta take care of the kids now.

– Don’t thank me, thank the people that were kind with me before and who encouraged me to pass it on.


Jock helps Sam getting the fridge down the ladder.


It’s time. It is 16h30. Sam smiles, as the boat slowly gets down in the water held by the giant straps of the sling. Sam enters in Pablo for the inspection, followed by Jock who offered his help. I hold my breath. 20 minutes later, Sam gets out.


-There’s water getting in the boat Cass…

-A lot!?? Is it bad!

-No not much! Really, just a few drops. Still, I need to start that over again, he says to me while the boat goes out of the water and back at its place.  I will go get the fridge back. It seems we will need it for 2 or 3 extra days of work on the hard… F***k!

The second day Sam was on the hard : “Hey Cass look what my snack was today.” “Buy a fridge asap!” was her answer.


He grabs Matey’s hand and goes away with a defeated look I’ve rarely seen on his face. As it was not enough bad news, Sam looks everywhere for the fridge. It’s gone.


-Daddy, where orange friiiiiidgee????? Orange fridge gonnnnneee!!!!

-Yeah…it looks like it’s gone Matey, Sam answers.


I promise that if the person who took the fridge had seen that distress look on Matey’s face, he would have brought it back in a hurry. Jock sees the whole scene and approaches:


-As you don’t have a fridge now and were planning to be at anchor tonight, can I offer you all a good pizza for dinner to cheer you up a bit? I am sure you too don’t feel so much for cooking.

-Jock…that is just so perfect. We accept.

-Mike from Altitude Adjustment also offers you this bottle of wine. He says Sam will need it tonight…


As the dinner ended that night with Jock, we were sad the splashing didn’t work, but felt so grateful for all the support we got from our friends in the yard.


-You’ve been so great to us Jock, thank you again for the pizza, sincerely, Sam says.

-This was a terrible day for you. Tomorrow will be another day. As I always say, don’t thank me…thank the persons that were kind to me and that made me want to pass it on.


Sam replies;


-Why, I already passed it on!

-Really? Says Jock surprised.

-Yeah! I passed on my fridge!


We had a good laugh. And when we went to bed, Sam was puzzling « why are the true-holes leaking? » And I was thinking “Where the hell is that fridge…?”


Featured image and below: Kids didn’t mind spending 2 more days on the hard and didn’t think to much of the fridge. They had plenty of activites with Clayton, the son of the owner, who has dozens of tonkas in the yard and ideas to kill time.


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