2 years…

I woke up this morning to find an email of domain renewal; it’s been 2 years already that we decided to create saltymatey.com. In a weird way, it is such a milestone! 2 years ago, we were chatting online MDF instrument about stethoscope; how to chose one for our trip. It turned into an hour long chat session in which we explained to the agent our trip; why we felt so compelled to go explore the oceans with our kids. It turned out our story really appealed to her and she asked us if we had a website our something; they wanted to sponsor us…. 😲🤯

We few weeks later, www.saltymatey.com was online. We still had a house and a car. And no boat. But weirdly enough, it was the first tangible step of a project that we had been working on secretly for the past 10 years. It gave us wings. The website existed; we couldn’t turn back anymore! 🤔🤪

I know we haven’t been using this platform to communicate that much lately. Having an online presence with a spotty internet access is challenging. Creating content that we feel is worth your time isn’t easy either. After all, we aren’t special. We aren’t writers either – heck; we are not even english speaker! But thanks for looking at it once in a while. The weekly email we receive with our website stats is strangely important for us: it makes us feel connected with home. With you. Thanks for that.

We’ll try to be more present in 2020. It’s not a new year resolution; we intent to do it for real! 😝

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