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    Once upon a time, there was a family about to move on a sailboat...

Chapter 27. The well deserved Holidays.

– Sam, it’s gonna be Christmas sooooon! I said, giggling and chuclking happy like a kid… before Christmas.

-Yeah… Whatever that means.

-You don’t look happy.

-It’s not like if it would change a thing, there are still things to do, Cass.

-Wait, what? NO! NOOOOO!!!!!! You are taking some time off for Christmas, Sir.

That was an order. Sam needed a break. He didn’t insist much on working, which tells a lot.

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Chapter 24. The Orange Fridge Came Back

-Do you want another coffee Sam?

-Yeah… not so much in the mood to start over the thru-holes…

-I know honey. It doesn’t drip much, but that is the thing to do.

-I wanna splice lines in the cockpit Cass, I am very discouraged.

-Every day brings surprises on Pablo, maybe it will be a good day!

-Yeah…. Says Sam not so enthusiastically.

Sam was very grumpy like the Captain in Tintin that morning. Redoing a work you though was well done is never fun.

TOC TOC TOC! We hear from outside :


-Hey Darkside!


Darkside? Everyone in the hard here knows we changed the boat name and hated the old one. Who could it be? Sam takes a look outside :


-Oh my god! Captain Bob!!! What a surprise! What are you doing here!


Captain Bob? Who the hell is Captain Bob you say? We gotta go back in time when we were about to buy the boat.



Remember when Sam flew back at the boat and needed to make a sea trial. Why, the seller needs to hire a Captain if they are not sailing the boat themselves. This is when Sam met Captain Bob. They sailed on Pablo together for a day while the surveyor was looking at all the system. We then bought the boat while we were back in Canada, once we had the survey’s result in hand. Happy times. Until the phone rang while at the summer work party.


-Hey Sam, Captain Bob on the line.

-Hey sir!

-Did you ended up buyiny their boat,  Darkside?

-Yes, papers are signed. Why?

– You sure it’s yours?

– Well, our bank account is empty, so pretty sure yes.  Why anyway?

– Big storm coming. I see your boat from mine here, and all hatches are open and I can tell you I haven’t seen the previous folks for at least 2 days…no one is coming to close them. You’re gonna get quite a mess in the boat I tell ya.

-Oh gosh! Can you run and close everything?!

-Will do.

Few minutes later, the phone rang again.

– Sam. The boat is a mess, boxes and stuff everywhere. There is even a guinea pig in a cage in there! But, don’t you worry, my wife and I will clean up everything, get the guinea pig out and close hatches. We will bug bomb in there too so all is good when you guys come back in 2 months.

-Wow…what can I say! You guys are amazing.

-That is what boat people do, we help each other. And by the way, I will tell them what I think when they’ll come back to get their guinea pig!


He was almost a stranger but took good care of our boat while we were gone.


Back to the yard; Captain Bob is now at the bottom of the ladder:


-What am I doing here, huh? Just got at anchor in front. Rocky says there is no place for my boat out on the hard because you couldn’t splash yesterday. I am here to help you. The faster YOU splash, the faster I can get my new bottom coat done too.

-Holly molly! I wasn’t expecting help this morning! That brings back some motivation.

-Put your coffee on the table and get that day started Sam. And let’s move that stupid fridge in front of your ladder. Who the hell put that there!


And that was the second surprise of that day. The orange fridge came back. Who took it? How? Where? … Who cares.


While Daddy works with Captain Bob, Matey, Salty and Cass finish to pack the dry good. Or should I say “almost” dry goods. Here Matey in front of the wine. 😉

Chapter 25. Cumberland Island’s Menagerie Of Animals

Cass is just crazy excited, like a dog when the bell door rings:

-Oh my god oh my god oh my god!  I can’t believe that we are leaving!!!! HIIIIII! I can’t control myself, just too excited!

-Calm down, we are 10 minutes away from the boat yard only, replies Sam. We literally, JUST left the anchorage.


-If you ask me, our trip won’t be really started until we won’t be on a wild beach with all the bla bla bla.

-What do you mean by “bla bla bla”?

-We’re gonna tone down your dolphins expectations for now. We’re in Georgia. Let’s start by sailing to Cumberland Island for the first night. It seems it is super pretty. Tom and Chris are already there on their sailboat. They want to show us the island

-Yeah…a kind of natural park with an entry fee. Not so “hurray you’ve reached the true nature” type.

-You can be such a party pooper when you want Jobin!

-That is just not the real deal Cass. That’s all.

-Pfff… bad faith.


Two hours later, we arrive at Cumberland Island and set anchor happily close to Tom and Chris (their boat name is Persistence). They made the trip 10 times and want to give us some tips. We’re about to have lunch when the VHF light up:

“PABLO PABLO PABLO. This is Persistence.”

It’s Tom.

Sam grabs his VHF and takes his best cool captain voice. And from here, I promise this is so far the shortest VHF conversation I ever heard:

-Persistence. This is Pablo. says Sam.

-DOLPHINS AT 11h00! Over.

NO WAY!!! Lunch got cold but yes, the kids saw dolphins for the first time in the bay.

In the afternoon we went to explore the island:

Salty really decided to push the stroller herself.

-Maybe we’ll be lucky and see some wild horses, says Chris.

-Wild horses? I didn’t even know it existed in the world out of the Argentinian pampa? Does it? asks Cass

-Yes, there were horses in the years 1800 when the island was full of people and then they just went back to their natural state.

In the middle of ruins of old slaves houses, wild horses live freely.

And hell yeah we’ve seen them! At least 6 horses on a deserted beach. And probably around 18 in the rest of the lush island. It was magical to see Salty running to see them in the sand.



-OHHH check this out! A tattoo, says Tom.

-NO WAY!!!!?

We look at the tiny carapace walking in the most cute way possible, very enthusiastically. None of us has ever seen a tattoo before.


Oh, but what is moving next to the tree there…? A young fawn just comes out a bush. Followed by his mother. The first one stops and the second passes just next to us. It literally passes 2 meters away of Salty. (We’ve filmed all of this, but Sam has made a backup that turned out to be flushing everything hum hum… – by accident of course!)



-Check this out, an eagle! notice Chris.

-Ohhhhhhh!!!! we say all together


That evening, I look at Sam with a smile of type “SEE! TOLD YA SO!” :


-Now! Ain’t our adventure started enough, mister eaghle, tattoo, deer and fawn, wild horses and dolphins around the boat in the same day?

-Not at all.


-Nope! … Did you see any sea turtle today? That’s it! So nope!


For your information, there are little days where we don’t see dolphins, which never gets old. 🙂 Sam even claims he saw a manatee, but that, he is the only one that saw it…

Chapter 22. Welcome Pablo!

-So you are removing the boat name, huh Sam? asks Mike in the boat yard.

-Yep! Have to. Once it is registered, you need to have it written on the hull, replies Sam hands full of goo gone.


He would have million things to do more important, but legally, it needs to happen: Sam has to change the decal on the boat. And quite honestly, changing the boat name when it’s in the water is pretty hard.

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Chapter 21. The Final Countdown.

2 weeks before Sam leaves to go refitting the boat, he is talking with his best friend Vincent:

-You’re sure you want to spend part of your parental leave to come at the boat yard and work with me? I mean, it will be stinky, it will be crazy hot, I don’t have a fridge because it only works when the boat is in the water, the shower on the boat yard smells rotten eggs. Worst, I can only offer you American beer at the end of the day.

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Chapter 20. Love Comes In One Color.

No more cds in the house (we sold them all!), we’re listening to the radio in the car that morning. It’s commute time from home to the daycare:

-Who sings that song Mommy? asks Salty.

-Her name is Pink, pumpkin.


I see her coming… She will say she loves the song because her name is Pink.

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Chapter 19. The Skill No One Can Learn

Routine visit at the dentist before Sam leaves to go work on the boat for 2 months. He needs to prepare it before the rest of us arrives for good. It’s coming very fast.


-Man…these gums doesn’t look good, the dentist says to Sam.

-That bad?

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Chapter 18. What Did You Just say?

For the last time before we leave, we are with Sophie, our doctor guru. She is teaching us how to make stitches. Honestly : I hope if won’t need some. But if we need some, and cannot reach medical assistance, better safe than sorry.


We bought a pork leg to practice.


-So here, you  turn the thread around the plyers and you pull to make the knot.

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