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    Once upon a time, there was a family about to move on a sailboat...

A month in the boatyard – part 4

SO? What does this all mean for Pablo and its crew and where do we stand today?

I opened a lot of boxes. Got tangled in a few rabbit holes and chose to jump over many more. By the time we’ll splash back, we’ll have hopefully addressed a whole lot of issues and fixed a few more “since we’re at it”:

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A month in the boatyard – part 2

So how this 1 month plan turned out? Well, spoiler alert; we’re still sitting on the hard, 5 months later. So what happened? What’s going on in that mystical time-sucking-black-hole that people call boatyard? How can a 3 weeks plan turn into a 5 months odyssey? I’m not sure. Maybe you can tell me. Here is what happened:

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A month in the boatyard – part 1

“Pablo was such in bad shape?” was the first comment I read this morning over a facebook post @saltymatey. While sipping my coffee, I realized that the answer needed a bit of context. The only way to explain how we ended up kicking up 2021 in a boat yard required me to do what I dredged for a long time; I needed to write a new blog post!

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Do we anchor at night?

One of the recurring question we get when we’re talking about being in passage – that is sailing more than 24 hours without stopping – is exactly that: how do we stop? Surely, there must be something clever that allows us to stop the boat at night.

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Boat-schooling Part 2 – UNSCHOOLING

The school refers to everything that takes place in a more academic form – sitting, pen and papers, teacher and boards. The rest is what we call unschooling. However, it does not mean it is effortless for the parents. Quite the contrary, to include unschooling on a day to day basis requires research and dedication of time. Here is what is part of her unschooling.

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Boat-school on Pablo

I am not a teacher, but I am homeschooling Salty.

Here’s the full school program:

  • 5 minutes drill
  • 20 minutes learning/practicing to read
  • 20 minutes learning to write
  • 20 minutes learning maths

7 days a week, from roughly 7h30 to 8h30 – with my morning coffee.

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Prepare for war!

The Great 11 Years War

“One day Cass, we’ll have a dry boat”, I say when going down inside Sputnik. That was 8 years ago, and I was yet again welcomed by pools of water over the floor. A mix of rain water coming from the mast, condensation from the cold weather in Quebec and millions of undiscovered leaks. I was set to have a dry boat. A boat without water in the bilge. Which isn’t a small feat, given the fact that Sputnik was 27 years old. And that it was, you know, a boat.

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