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    Once upon a time, there was a family about to move on a sailboat...

Chapter 10. The Selective Sleep.

It seems that sleep triggers sleep. Unfortunately for us, Matey is teething. Indeed! the first week has been great (except the first night) in regard of sleep. Now, Matey has started to wake up 2, 3 even 4 times per night. And waking up earlier. All that to say…

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Chapter 9. Ready For The Holidays!

Sam and I are on the boat, making a last time check up before the holidays.


-Are we ready for the trip?
-Yes we are.
-Did you bring all the grocery we planned, we don’t want to buy the dry goods when we’ll be on foot with the two kids?
-We’re good with tin cans, cereals, powdered milk for Matey, spices, etc, etc, etc.
-Do we have enough toilet paper???

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Chapter 8. Shit Happens.

This summer, we are taking our vacations with the kids on our current sailboat. I spent a lot of time preparing this trip. We want the kids to like it and we hope they’ll feel like home on the boat. But what if the weather is soooo hot, without a freezer? What if the nights are cold, without a heater? What if Matey is seasick everywhere on his bed sheets, without a washing machine? …

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Chapter 7. Just Lick Your Fingers.

We’ve decided to cast off on a sailboat long before the kids were born. But they were part of the plan, so we’ve waited for them. Since they’re born, we take all precautions possible to make sure they know what a sailboat is. We buy books, have paintings, games…

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