Mini Pocketbook 8. The Splash And The Splash In The Sandwich

Written by Matey

The dignhy or zodiac is what allows us to go from to boat to shore.

Mommy told me Daddy was going to splash the boat and bring it at anchor. She says the boat is ready. Then he will pick us up in the thing they call dinghy. They say it’s like a car. Doesn’t look like one to me. No way! I will definitely go with Daddy now:


Mommy changed her mind too. She brings Salty and I in Pablo along with Jock. Jock knows where is the shallow spot to go at anchor, it seems.


Hurray! Pablo is at anchor! Hurray for Pablo! Hurray for Daddy!


Oh oh… Daddy said big words because the outboard of the dinghy doesn’t start. No! Jock will have dinner with us. Salty prepares the sandwiches. She sneezes in a sandwich in front of Mommy and Jock. SPPPRRRYTTTTTTTFFFff!


It’s been crazy cold in Georgia with temperature going down at night close to 6 degrees celsius. No heating in the boat…Salty caught a small cold.



Mommy folds the sandwich, looks at Jock and winks.

-Sam! Your sandwich is ready! You’ll fix the dinghy after dinner.



Because when we receive visitors we treat them with great care right! Sam changed the line of the gas in the dinghy and Jock got the chance to avoid Salty’s breakfast and go back to sleep on his own boat in the yard.  Oh and yes : no drama with the boat. All smooth that time!


Featured image: When it’s time to celebrate on Pablo, we hang on decorations in the boat. A successful splashing of the boat, that counts!

Jock didn’t seem traumatized by Salty’s sandwich since he came back the next morning to climb up our mast and have a coffee. Next time, it’s Cass who will go up.

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  • Nicole Pelletier January 21, 2019   Reply →

    I appreciate to read the notes. Enjoy your trip. Here it’s so cold, a lot of snow…

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