Mini’s Pocketbook 2. The Ice Cream Drama.

Written by Salty.


Daddy brought us up some ice cream cones. There is one for everyone! It means that I have MY OWN just for me. It’s so goooood to lick the ice cre…..

-Oh oh…. Poor sweetie! You dropped your ice cream sweetie.
-Yessss…. I said starting to sob a bit.


Daddy looks at me and smiles:
-Don’t worry honey, here. Take mine.


Yeah!!! I have a NEW ice cream for myself!!!


-Are you gonna share it with me? he says.


Shoot! I knew there was a catch. I don’t have much choices.




Holly molly!!! Did you see the bite he took? That is WAY beyond what I call sharing. This is more STEALING or eating it ALL. Grrrr…And there you go! Since I said yes to share, mom is gonna ask soon. Mommy turns toward me:


-Can I have some too Salty?


I knew it. Think. Think hard. Think fast. Think Salty, think or there will be nothing left of your ice cream soon…

-Well Mommmy, you can lick the one on the ground if you want!


THERE YOU GO!!! I am so generous!

Trois-Rivières has been a highlight of our holidays exceeding all expectations! Ice cream, heated pool, a beach and amazing play sets for the kids. All that 3 minutes away away from a nice anchorage well protected from the waves.

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