Mini’s Pocketbook 4. Vincent Knows Best.

Written by Salty.


The engine is doing a new sound. That is weird. Mommy looks and talks with Dad about the propeller. I should tell them right away what I know before they waste their time:


-I know that Vincent…can fix the noise.
-Ok. Thank you sweetie.


I don’t understand why Dad still went in the water to fix it himself. Vincent would have done it!?



Few days later, there is again a noise that seems to worry a bit Mommy and Dad.


-I know that Vincent knows what the problem is.
-Ok sweet heart. You’re an angel.


Why do they laugh? The other day too she laughed a lot when there was a hole in Mommy’s pants:


-Mommy, Vincent can fix your pants if you want!


Another time it’s Daddy who laughed for a long time:


-Have you ever tasted vine leaves Salty?
-No, but I know Vincent knows what it taste.
-Sam, the water pump broke.
-Ok Cass, I’ll check this out when the kids we’ll be in bed.
-Daddy, Vincent will come to the boat and fix the pump!


It’s like if they don’t believe me.


-But Salty, Vincent is not with us, he cannot come and fix it. We’re on a boat sweet heart.


And I have to figure out myself how to solve this problem:


-I know that Vincent will come to the boat, he will take a kayak, and then he will fix it.
-… (speechless, Celine Dion just took a drop)
-Mel will come too because she is VERY strong.


I don’t understand why they don’t get it: Vincent knows his shit.


Notes of the parents to our beloved friend Vincent :

-Dude, please come back earlier from your holidays on the west coast; We have quite a to do list waiting for you!

Featured image showing Salty at the biodome in Montreal saying : “Mom, I know that Vincent knows that fish!”

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