Vlog 02. Florida to the Bahamas


We are SO happy to share our second video and also make you guys part of this incredible and long-waited adventure.

We made it through and we’re finally living our dream!

Here’s a little recap of the last weeks, just before leaving the intracostal for the Bahamas. 🙂

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Chapter 28. The first Anchorage

-I hope we are going to find some boats with kids in the Bahamas! I say.
-Mike said it would be full of kids in the Exumas.
-Yeah, well we’re not in the Exumas for now… Still hoping it won’t take another month.
-I feel ya! I hope we’re going to be able to fish in the Bahamas soon! I put on a troll behind the boat. We’ll see. I am not so hopeful.

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