Mini Pocketbook #10 : COVID19

“Mom, it’s been a while we didn’t go at the park to stretch our leg.”, says Matey.

“Yes, that is true.”

“And I’d like to go with Daddy at the grocery.”, replies Salty.

“I understand, but we prefer you don’t go in shopping centers.”

Kids have been in isolation (voluntary) on the boat for 25 days now. They know about the Coronavirus as it created much grief that their Pappy and Granny could not fly to cross the Pacific with us.

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Mini Pocketbook 8. The Splash And The Splash In The Sandwich

Written by Matey

The dignhy or zodiac is what allows us to go from to boat to shore.

Mommy told me Daddy was going to splash the boat and bring it at anchor. She says the boat is ready. Then he will pick us up in the thing they call dinghy. They say it’s like a car. Doesn’t look like one to me. No way! I will definitely go with Daddy now:


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Minis Pocketbook 7. Daddy…You’re Disguised?

Written by Salty.

-Wake up Salty…wake up!

It’s Mommy. She wants me to get up because we are going at the airport.

-Put on your vest, and your summer coat Salty.

-But Mommy, it’s cold outside, it’s fall.

-No honey, where we are going, this will be the warmest clothes you’ll need.

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