A month in the boatyard – part 2

So how this 1 month plan turned out? Well, spoiler alert; we’re still sitting on the hard, 5 months later. So what happened? What’s going on in that mystical time-sucking-black-hole that people call boatyard? How can a 3 weeks plan turn into a 5 months odyssey? I’m not sure. Maybe you can tell me. Here is what happened:

Day 1 : haul out

Day 2 :

  • Prep work to get the mast to go down. Stripped most of the ceiling to access and disconnect all the electrical wires going to the mast. Removed the boom, all the cutter pins, loosen the turnbuckles and made sure the mast was ready to go. Took the dinghy of the boat to get some working room on deck. Labeled all wires and mark turnbuckles position so we can re-tension the rig
  • Removed the propeller, disconnected the shaft coupling from the shaft and transmission.
  • Removed the PSS and took the shaft off
  • Pressed the cutlass bearing out of the strut.

    Daily recap; the second cutlass bearing that we installed in Panama needs to be changed. AGAIN. Knowing we need to change it only 6 months after confirms our worst fear; we need to change our shaft…

Day 3:

  • Crane showed up and we removed the mast
  • Moved the boat and mast to its new location in the yard
  • Inspected all the standing rigging
  • Removed the in-mast furler motor from the mast

    Daily recap: after getting help from Jamie (sailing Totem) who has extensive knowledge on rigging, the verdict is in. We need to change our rigging. All of it. The bad surprise of the shaft yesterday seems not so bad now.

Day 4:

  • Stripped down the starboard side of the mast from all hardware (winches, spreaders, steps, cleats, clutches, etc) that needed to be inspected as well.
  • Disassembled both furlers
  • Got all the rigging mesured and spec out
  • Send 18 requests for quotes for new rigging
  • Send 13 requests for quotes for a new shaft
  • Inspection of the mast hardware on STB side

    Daily recap: it looks like some of the hardware needs to be changed as well. Mainly the spreader base and the tangs. Of course, those are the hardest pieces to find, and the most critical ones as well.

Day 5 :

  • Removed the bow and aft chainplates, the only ones that we haven’t changed yet.
  • Stripped port side of the mast hardware
  • Spent most of the day trying to find a place to get new spreader base

    Daily recap: Of course, both chainplates need to be changed! I’m starting to forget what optimism sounds like.
Turning our steps into a house for the kids. It’s amazing how little they need to have fun

Day 6 :

  • Sanded the mast
  • Removed the tangs’ bolts from the mast
  • Disassembled the furler
  • Drilled a few holes in the rudder to see if water is in there.
  • Talk to the yard about them custom making the new tangs we need, since nobody stock those anymore

    Daily recap: of course water was in the rudder. The great lake was in there.

Day 7:

  • Clearly, we need more things then we anticipated. Spent the morning ordering parts and trying to find those dang spreader base.
  • Removed the old SSB grounding plate
  • Removed the speed log thru-hull and grind the fiberglass in the anticipation to patch the hole permenently
  • Attempt to remove the cutlass bearing from the stern tube. 6 hours later; no luck

    Daily recap: The spreader bases are driving me crazy. Got a quote from a machine shop who could do them. With a 6 weeks lead time, for the sweet sweet price of 900$ per spreader base. We need 8 of them!!! That’s 7200 + taxes + shipping ladies and gentleman! I’m not sure my kidneys are worth that! Meanwhile, Cass is in discussion with a guy in Spain who claim could 3D print us the part in stainless steel. We drink a beer that night marveling at the realization some people can 3D print stainless steel.

Day 8 :

  • Finally managed to remove the cutlass bearing : i cut it through.
  • Yard came back to us with a prototype in steel for the tangs
  • Started sanding the mast to remove all the old paint that kept flaking everywhere

    Daily recap: the yard isn’t able to make the tangs or the chainplates like we were hoping. We’ll need to find a machine shop somewhere to make those. More phone calls. Tangs are added to our list of “things that nobody seem to be able to do for less than the price of my 2 kids on the black market”

Day 9

  • Start sanding the hull

    Daily recap : after 9 hours spent sending the hull in awkward position, we discovered a few things. First, I’m not 20 anymore and I’m not sure Mexico has enough Advil. Second, there’s less paint to send that I was expecting, but there’s barely any barrier coat under the paint. And that bad! If there isn’t any barrier coat, it means potential for blisters. We need to dig more

Day 10

  • Sand the hull
  • Eat Advils like candies

    Daily recap: quotes for new rigging are starting to come in. Shaft as well. Combined, we’re looking at half a year of our cruising budget! That’s too bad, because paying to get that hull sandblasted sure looks like a smart idea. Also, lots of blisters started to show up. Which means, I need to sand much more than we anticipated.

Day 11

  • Sand the hull
  • My arms are a mix of jello and jalape帽os. I develop a method for holding the sander upside down between my shoulder and my cheek to sand under the boat. I marvel at my genius. The Mexicans looking at me think I’m the dumbest gringos they’ve seen in a long time.

    Daily recap: Big milestone; I’ve sanded half of the boat! On the one side. Not sure why you bought a boat with 2 sides? Seems completely stupid in insight.
    So really, I’m 1/4 of the job done, which means I’m looking at another solid 7 days of sanding in front of me. That’s 70 hours, best case.
The star of the week. That sander is truly awesome

Day 12

  • Sand the hull

    Daily recap: After a few beers, we realize the madness of it all and decide to get Pablo sand blasted. The blistering is bad enough that Pablo looks like a polkadot boat. It’s a hard decision to take with so many bad surprises and unplanned costs. But it’s the right one. I’ve burned through 179 sanding pads already. By the time I’m done, we’ll have spent 400$ worth of sand paper. That’s 1/3 of the sandblasting cost. Add another 800 in Advil’s and we’re actually saving some money. I feel instantly relieve that I won’t need to sand more. And so dumb of not having taken that decision 4 days ago. I’m truly the dumbest gringo in Mexico!
On our way to the blasting lot. It’s when you see it from the distance that you realized how little 40 hours sanding gets you…

Day 13

  • Finished sanding the mast
  • Prep the boat for sandblasting

    Daily recap; No sure what happened? I thought I was through with sanding? I now officially hate sanding.

Day 15 to 19

  • While the boat gets sandblasted we spend our days shopping for all the new parts new need
  • I over-ventilate every half hour while look at our budget spreadsheet

Day 20 to 40

  • Sam working like crazy on Pablo

Day 41

  • Why are we doing this again? When can we splash? What happened to that 3 weeks plan?

Day 42 to whatever

  • Boatyard black hole

… to be continued …

No matter the day, that little guy will put a big smile on your face!

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  • Nicole Pelletier March 15, 2021   Reply →

    Que de courage vs avez. Et comme les enfants grandissent! Merci de partager. Bonne continuit茅 et be safe. Be kind one another. Le printemps s’en vient pour ns, enfin!

  • R茅jeanne Marois July 11, 2021   Reply →

    Je suis contente de vous lire et de voir que vous vous d茅brouillez bien dans votre voyage. Les enfants grandissent. Quelle exp茅rience magique pour eux! Faudra partager votre histoire un jour par des conf茅rences pour faire r锚ver ceux qui aimeraient mais n’ose pas tout laisser pour partir r茅aliser leur r锚ve. Bisous xxx

  • 2device February 17, 2022   Reply →


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    讜讛讻讜诇 讘讻讚讬 砖转讜讻诇讜 诇讛专讙讬砖 讜诇讛讬讜转 注诇 讙讙 讛注讜诇诐 讙诐 讗诐 讗转诐 专拽 注讜讘专讬 讗讜专讞 讘讘转 讬诐.

  • 讗讝 讗诐 注讚 讛讬讜诐 讘讞专转诐 讘讘讬诇讜讬 专讜诪谞讟讬 讗讜 讗驻讬诇讜 诪讙专讛
    讞讜砖讬诐 讘讘讬转 诪诇讜谉 讟讘专讬讬谞讬, 砖讛专讬 讛讬讜诐
    讛砖转谞讜 讛讻诇诇讬诐 讜讛诐 诪住驻拽讬诐 诇讻诐
    讚讬专讛 驻专讟讬转 诪讗讜讘讝专转 讘讻诇 讟讜讘 讜诪砖专转转 讗转 讛诪讟专讛 讗讱 讜专拽 讘诪讞讬专
    砖讗转诐 讬讜讚注讬诐. 讛诇拽讜讞讜转 砖诇谞讜 谞讛谞讬诐
    诪砖讬专讜转 诪住讜专, 诪拽爪讜注讬 讜诪讛讬专, 讗谞讞谞讜 诪住驻拽讬诐 诇讻诇 讗讞讚 砖诪讙讬注 讗诇讬谞讜 注讝专讛 讜讛讻讜讜谞讛
    诇诪爪讜讗 讗转 讛砖讟讬讞 砖诪转讗讬诐 诇讜. 讗诇 讚讗讙讛 诇讗 砖讻讞谞讜 讗转 讛讟讘注讜谞讬诐 砖讘谞讬谞讜 诇讻讘讜讚讻诐 讗谞讞谞讜 诪讻讬谞讬诐 讗转 讛驻讬爪讛 诪讞讜诪专讬 讙诇诐 讗讬讻讜转讬讬诐 讜谞讘讞专讬诐 讘拽驻讬讚讛 讘讗讜 诇讗讻讜诇
    驻讬爪讛 讘专诪讛 ! 讞讘专转 讘讘讙’谞讬 砖讟讬讞讬诐 讗讬讻讜转讬讬诐 讛谞讛 讞讘专讛 讛驻讜注诇转 诇诪注诇讛 诪40 砖谞讛 讜诪砖专转转 拽讛诇
    诇拽讜讞讜转 专讞讘, 讛谉 诪讛诪讙讝专 讛驻专讟讬, 讜讛谉 诪讛诪讙讝专 讛注住拽讬
    讜讛爪讬讘讜专讬. 讬砖 诇讗 诪注讟 讗驻砖专讜讬讜转 诇诪讬诪讜砖 讘讬诇讜讬讬诐 讻讗诇讛 讜讗讞专讬诐 讘讚专讜诐 讻砖讞诇拽 诪讛诐 讝讛 讙诐 讘讞讬专讛 砖诇 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讚专讜诐, 谞注专讜转 诪讚讛讬诪讜转,
    讬驻讬驻讬讜转, 讞讻诪讜转 砖诪讞讻讜转 讗讱 讜专拽
    诇驻谞讬讬讛 砖诇讻诐 讜讛谉 讻讗谉 诇讛讬砖讗专.

    讛讗诐 讛讬讬转诐 讘注讘专讻诐 注诐 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讗讬讻讜转讬讜转 讘讬专讜砖诇讬诐?
    诇讙讘讬 砖讬专讜转讬 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讗讬诇转, 诇爪注专谞讜 注拽讘 讛拽讜专讜谞讛 诇讗 拽讬讬诪讜转 讘讞讜专讜转
    砖注讜讘讚讜转 讘砖讬专讜转讬 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讗讬诇转.
    砖讬专讜转讬 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讘讗专 砖讘注 讘注讜诇诐 砖诇谞讜 诇讻诇 讗讞讚 讬砖 讗转 讛诪拽爪讜注 砖诇讜:
    讬砖 谞讙专讬诐, 谞讛讙讬 诪砖讗讬讜转, 诪谞讛诇讬诐, 驻拽讬讚讜转 讜讗谞砖讬 诪讞砖讘讬诐.

  • 讛砖讜讜讗转 诪讞讬专讬诐 砖诇 拽诇讬谞讬拽讜转 诇讟讬驻讜诇讬 转讗 诇讞抓 讘讗专抓 – 讛讬专砖诪讜 讜拽讘诇讜 讛谞讞讛!
    讛砖诇讜讜讛, 讛谞讬谞讜讞讜转 讜讛专讜讙注 砖诪砖专讛 注诇
    转讜砖讘讬讛 讜诪讘拽专讬讛 注讬专 讻诪讜 谞住 爪讬讜谞讛 讬讻讜诇讬诐 诇讛讜注讬诇 诇讻诇
    诪讬 砖谞驻砖讜 讜讙讜驻讜 讝拽讜拽讬诐 诇诪谞讜讞讛,
    诇讛讜专讚转 诇讞抓 讜诇讛拽诇转 讛诪转讞 讘注讝专转 注讬住讜讬 讘谞住 爪讬讜谞讛.
    转诇 讗讘讬讘 讗诪谞诐 注讬专 专讜讜讬讛 讘讛谞讗讜转, 讘讬诇讜讬讬诐 讜转砖讜拽讜转 讗讘诇 谞注专转 诇讬讜讜讬 诪讜砖诇诪转
    讝讜 讗讞转 砖注讘专讛 讗讬诪讜转, 专讜讗讬讬谞讛 讜讛讬讗 诪讜讻谞讛
    诇讻诇 转专讞讬砖 讜诇讻诇 讘讬诇讜讬 砖专拽 转专爪讜 讗讜 转讘讞专讜.
    讗讬讱 谞驻讙砖讬诐 注诐 谞注专转 诇讬讜讜讬 转诇 讗讘讬讘?

    讗讝 讗诐 讘注讘专 讙诐 驻讙砖转诐 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘转诇
    讗讘讬讘 讗讘诇 讛谉 讛讬讜 砖讜谞讜转 讗诇祝 砖谞讜转 讗讜专 诪诪讛 砖讛讻专转诐 注讚 讻讛 讗讜诇讬 讻讚讗讬 诇讚讘专 注诇 驻讜专讟诇 讗讞专讗讬 砖讬讜讚注 讜讬讻讜诇 诇讛讘讟讬讞 诇讻诐 –
    诪讻讗谉 讗转诐 诪拽讘诇讬诐 讗转 讛讘讬诇讜讬 讛诪讜砖诇诐 注诐 谞砖讬诐 诪讚讛讬诪讜转, 讞讬讬讻谞讬讜转,
    诇讜讛讟讜转, 住拽住讬讜转 讘讟讬专讜祝 讜讛讻讬 讞砖讜讘
    谞讜讟驻讜转 住拽住 讘讚讬讜拽 讻诪讜 砖讗转诐 讗讜讛讘讬诐 讜专讜爪讬诐.
    注诐 讝讗转, 转讜讻诇讜 诇砖讘讜专 讗转 讛砖讙专讛 讛诪讜讻专转 讜讛讬讚讜注讛 诪专讗砖 注诐 注讬住讜讬 讘专诪转-讙谉!
    注诐 讝讗转, 转讜讻诇讜 诇砖讘讜专 讗转 讛砖讙专讛 讛诪讜讻专转 讜讛讬讚讜注讛 诪专讗砖 注诐 注讬住讜讬 讘讗砖拽诇讜谉!
    讻讗谉 转讜讻诇 诇诪爪讜讗 讗转 讛诪拽讜诐 诇讛讝诪讬谉 讗转 讛讚讘专 讛讗诪讬转讬.
    讻讗谉 讗讬谉 住讬讻讜谞讬诐, 讘驻讜专讟诇 讛讬讜拽专转讬 讘讬讜转专 砖诇谞讜
    讗讜诇讬 讬讬讚专砖 诪讻诐 诇砖诇诐 注诇讜转
    讬讜拽专转讬转 讬讜转专 诪讗讬讚讱 讛讞讚砖讜转
    讛讟讜讘讜转 讛谉 讻讬 讛转砖诇讜诐 讝讛 讛讜诇讱 诇住驻拽
    诇讻诐 讗转 讛砖讬专讜转讬诐 讛诇讜讛讟讬诐 讘讬讜转专 诇诇讗 讚讜驻讬 讜注诐 讛驻转注讛 讗讞转 讙诪讜专讛.

  • 拽诇讬谞讬拽讜转 诪砖讻讬专讛 讞讚专讬 注讘讜讚讛 讗讬砖讬讬诐 诇驻讬
    砖注讛, 讗讜 诇驻讬 诪砖诪专转 拽讘讜注讛 讘诪专讻讝 讜讘爪驻讜谉 转诇
    讗讘讬讘. 诪转讞诪讬 讞讚专讬 讛注讘讜讚讛 拽诇讬谞讬拽讜转
    讘转诇 讗讘讬讘, 诪爪讬注讬诐 讞讚专讬 注讘讜讚讛 讗讬砖讬讬诐 诇讛砖讻专讛 诇驻讬 砖注讛 讗讜 诇驻讬 诪砖诪专转 拽讘讜注讛.
    讬砖谞谉 讻诪讛 讛讜专讗讜转 讝讛讘, 诇驻谞讬 注讬住讜讬 诪驻谞拽
    讘转诇 讗讘讬讘 讜注讜讚 住讜讙讬 注讬住讜讬 谞讜住驻讬诐 讗砖专 诪注住讬诐 专讘讬诐 诪爪讬注讬诐 诇诇拽讜讞讜转讬讛诐.
    诇讻谉, 讘砖诇讘 讛讝讛, 讞砖讜讘 诇讘讞讜专 诪注住讬诐 砖讬讜讚注讬诐 诇注讘讜讚, 砖诪讻讬专讬诐 讗转
    讛讙讜祝 讜砖诇诪讚讜 讘讗讞转 诪讗讜转谉 诪讻诇诇讜转 诪讜讻专讜转 讘讬讜转专.
    诪谉 讛住转诐, 驻谞讬讬讛 讗诇 诪注住讬诐 砖讗讬谞诐 诪拽爪讜注讬讬诐, 注诇讜诇讛 诇讬讬爪专 讗转 讛转讜爪讗讛 讛讛驻讜讻讛
    讘诪诇讜讗 诪讜讘谉 讛诪讬诇讛. 讗讬讻讜转讬讜转, 讬驻讜转 讜讞讻诪讜转,
    讛谉 讘诇讜谞讚讬谞讬讜转, 砖讞讜专讜转 砖讬注专, 讗讚讜诪讜转 砖讬注专, 讗专讜讱, 拽爪专, 诪讘讜讙专讜转 爪注讬专讜转 讜讻诇 诪讛 砖讗转诐 爪专讬讻讬诐 讘砖讘讬诇 诇讛砖诇讬诐 讗转 讛讞讜讜讬讛 注诇 讛爪讚
    讛讟讜讘 讘讬讜转专. 讛诪注住讬诐 讛讟讜讘讬诐 讘讬讜转专
    讘讘转 讬诐 诪讞讻讬诐 诇讻诐 讜讛诐 讻讗谉 讘砖讘讬诇 诇讛注谞讬拽 诇讻诐 讜诇讘谉/讘转 讛讝讜讙 砖诇讻诐 讗转 讛讟讜讘
    讘讬讜转专. 驻讜专讟诇 住拽住 讗讚讬专 砖诇谞讜 诪讗驻砖专 诇讻诐 讗转 讛讗讬讻讜讬讜转 讛讙讘讜讛讜转 讘讬讜转专 诇诇讗 驻砖专讜转, 诇爪讚 讗住转讟讬拽讛, 谞讬拽讬讜谉 讜讗驻讬诇讜
    讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讗讬讻讜转讬讜转 讗谞讜 诪爪讬注讬诐 诇讻诐 拽讟讙讜专讬讛 讗讞转
    诪讬讜讞讚转 讘诪讬谞讛 砖诪讟专转讛 诇讛砖讬讙 诇讻诐 讗转 讛讟讜讘 讘讬讜转专 – 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘住诪讜讱 诇诪拽讜诐 讛诪讙讜专讬诐 砖诇讻诐.

    讙诐 注诇 讻讱 讞砖讘谞讜 讘驻讜专讟诇 讛讬讜拽专转讬
    讘讬讜转专 住拽住 讗讚讬专 讜诪讻讗谉 砖讗谞讜 诪爪讬注讬诐
    讗转 讟讜讘讬 谞讜转谞讬 讛砖讬专讜转 讛拽专讜讘讬诐 诇诪拽讜诐 讛诪讙讜专讬诐 讻讱 砖诇讗
    转爪讟专讻讜 诇讞讻讜转 讬讜转专 诪讚讬 讜讘讟讞 砖诇讗 诇砖诇诐 讘讙讬谉 注诇讜转 讝诪谉 讛谞住讬注讛.
    诇驻谞讬 砖讗转诐 诪讘讝讘讝讬诐 讗转 讝诪谞讻诐 讘讞讬驻讜砖 讗讞专 注讬住讜讬 讘谞转谞讬讛,
    转讜讻诇讜 驻砖讜讟 诇讛讬砖讗专 讘驻讜专讟诇 “讗诇讟专谞讟讬讘讬”!

  • 讘讞讬专转 砖注讛 诪转讗讬诪讛 讗讜诇讬 谞专讗讬转 诇讻诐 讟专讬讜讜讬讗诇讬转, 讗讘诇 诪讜诪诇抓 诇讞砖讜讘 注诇 砖注讛
    砖讘讛 诇讗 讬驻专讬注讜 诇讻诐 讘讘讬转, 砖注讛 砖讘讛 讗转诐 诇讗 转讛讬讜
    诇讞讜爪讬诐 诇讛讙讬注 讛讘讬转讛 诇拽讘诇转 讛注讬住讜讬 讜讙诐 砖注讛 砖讘住讜驻讛 讗转诐 诇讗 爪专讬讻讬诐 诇诪讛专 诇砖讜诐 诪拽讜诐.

    转讘讞专 诪注住讛 住拽住讬转 诪转讗讬诪讛 讘讗转专, 转转拽砖专 讜转讝诪讬谉 诇讱 注讬住讜讬 讗讬专讜讟讬 讘专诪转 讙谉 注讜讚 讛讬讜诐.

    讬讜驻讬 讟讘注讬 砖诇 专讜住讬讛 住拽住讬转 讜讟讘注讬转.
    诇讻诇 讞讚专 讬砖 注诪讜讚 注诐 诪讬讚注 讜转诪讜谞讜转, 讜讗讞专讬 砖讘讞专转诐 转讜讻诇讜 诇诪爪讜讗 讘拽诇讜转 讗转
    驻专讟讬 讛拽砖专. 注讬住讜讬 讗讬专讜讟讬 讘专诪转 讙谉 诪驻谞拽 讜诪讜砖拽注 诇讛注谞拽转 讞讜讜讬转
    注讬住讜讬 诪注谞讙转 转讜讻诇讜 诇诪爪讜讗 讘驻讜专讟诇
    住拽住 讗讚讬专 讘注诪讜讚 讛讘讗, 讗讝 诇讛谞讗转讻诐 诪讞讻讬诐 ?
    专拽 讚诪讬讬谞讜 诇注爪诪讻诐 讗讬讱 讗转诐 讛讬讬转诐 诪专讙讬砖讬诐 讗诐 讛讬讬转诐 诪拽讘诇讬诐 诪转谞讛 注讬住讜讬 诪驻谞拽 讘专讗砖 讛注讬谉 .
    讛谉 诪讗讜讘讝专讜转 讘讻诇 讟讜讘 讜谞讬转谉 诇讛谞讜转 诪讛砖讛讬讬讛
    讘讛谉 诪诪砖 讻讗讬诇讜 讛讬讬转诐 讘讘讬转 诪诇讜谉.
    拽诪讬诇讛 诇讘讬转讱 讗讜 诪诇讜谉 讘讞讬驻讛 讜讛爪驻讜谉谞注专转 诇讬讜讜讬 诇讘讬转讱 诪诇讜谉 诇讘讬诇讜讬 诪驻谞拽鈥 讛诪驻讙砖 注诐 谞注专转 诇讬讜讜讬 讛讜讗 诪砖讛讜 砖讗谞讞谞讜 讞讜砖讘讬诐 注诇讬讜 讘讚专讱 讻诇诇 讛专讘讛 诇驻谞讬 – 讜讛讜讗 讻讜诇诇 讛专讘讛 爪讬驻讬讜转 诇讘讬诇讜讬 注诐 谞注专转 砖谞专讗讬转 讘讚讬讜拽 讻诪讜 讛驻谞讟讝讬讛 砖诇谞讜.

  • 讘驻讜专讟诇 转诪爪讗讜 讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讘讞讬驻讛, 讘拽专讬讜转, 讘注驻讜诇讛, 讘谞爪专转 注诇讬转, 讘谞讛专讬讛, 注讻讜
    讜注讜讚. 5.讘讬拽讜专讜转 讜讛诪诇爪讜转. 讘驻讜专讟诇 “讗诇讟专谞讟讬讘讬”
    讬砖 诇讻诐 讗驻砖专讜转 诇拽专讜讗 讛诪诇爪讜转 讜讘讬拽讜专讜转 注诇 讛诪注住讬诐.
    专驻讜讗讛 诪讜谞注转- 讻讬爪讚 诇讛诪谞注 诪诪讞诇讜转 讜诇砖诪讜专 注诇 讘专讬讗讜转 转拽讬谞讛 讘讗诪爪注讜转 讛拽驻讚讛
    注诇 讗讜专讞 讞讬讬诐 讘专讬讗. 讟讻谞讬拽转 注讬住讜讬 讬讬讞讜讚讬转 讘砖讬讟讛 驻讬诇讬驻讬谞讬转 讘讗诪爪注讜转 讻讚讜专讬 注抓 .

    讜讘讻谉, 讝讗转 砖讗诇讛 诪爪讜讬谞转 讜专讘讬诐 砖诪讞驻砖讬诐
    注讬住讜讬 讗专讜讟讬 讘专讞讜讘讜转 讻诇诇 诇讗 诪讜讚注讬诐 诇讬转专讜谞讜转 讛专讘讬诐 砖诇 讟讻谞讬拽转 讛讟讬驻讜诇 讛讝讜.
    注讬住讜讬 讘专讞讜讘讜转 讻诪转谞转 讬讜诐 讛讜诇讚转 谞砖诪注 诇讻诐 讻诪讜 讞诇讜诐?
    讗诐 讛讙讬注 讛讬讜诐 讘砖谞讛 砖讘讜 讗转诐 专讜爪讬诐 诇驻谞拽 讗转 讛注讜讘讚讬诐
    砖诇讻诐 – 注讬住讜讬 讘诪专讻讝 拽讘讜爪转讬 讬讜讻诇 诇讛讬讜转 讛诪转谞讛 讛诪讜砖诇诪转 诪讻诐!
    讘诪专讻讝 专诪转 讙谉!!!! 讘诇讬 讘注讬讜转 诇讞谞讬讜转!
    诪转拽谞讬 讗讬专讜讞 诪驻谞拽讬诐 讘讻诇 讚讬专讛 讘讻诇 讗讞转 诪讛讚讬专讜转
    讛讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讛诪讜驻讬注讜转 讘专砖讬诪讛, 转讜讻诇讜 诇讬讛谞讜转
    诪讛讬爪注 诪专砖讬诐, 诪讙讜讜谉 讜诪驻谞拽 砖诇 诪转拽谞讬 讗讬专讜讞 讛诪讜转讗诪讬诐 诇讻诇 诪讟专转 讘讬诇讜讬
    讗讬谞讟讬诪讬转 讗讜 讚讬住拽专讟讬转 讻讝讜 讗讜 讗讞专转.

    诪讞驻砖 讚讬专讛 讚讬住拽专讟讬转 讘爪驻讜谉? 诇讛讘讚讬诇 诪讛讚讬专讜转
    讛讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讘讗讝讜专 讛诪专讻讝, 讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讘爪驻讜谉 讜讘讞讬驻讛 拽砖讛 讬讜转专 诇诪爪讜讗.
    讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 – 诇诪讛 讚讜讜拽讗 讗谞讞谞讜?
    讘诪讗讙专, 讚讬专讜转 讞讚专 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讛诪讬讜注讚讜转 诇讝讜讙讜转, 讚讬专讜转 讘谞讜转 诪住驻专 讞讚专讬诐 讛诪讬讜注讚讜转 诇爪专讻讬 讗讬专讜讞 诪砖讜转祝 砖诇
    诪住驻专 讝讜讙讜转 讗讜 讗讞专讬诐 讜讚讬专讜转 讬讜拽专讛 诪驻谞拽讜转 讘诪讬讜讞讚 讛诪讬讜注讚讜转 讙诐 诇爪专讻讬
    讗讬专讜讞 诪住讬讘讜转 驻专讟讬讜转 讘专诪讛 讛讙讘讜讛讛 讘讬讜转专.

  • 讗谞讬 诪讗诪讬谞讛 砖讟讬驻讜诇 拽讜住诪讟讬 讛讜讗
    讞讜讜讬转 驻谞讗讬 讜讗爪诇讬 讘拽诇讬谞讬拽讛
    砖讜专专转 讗讜讬专讛 讞讘专讜转讬转 讜谞注讬诪讛 – 转讜讻诇讜 诇讛谞讜转 诪诪讙讜讜谉 讟讬驻讜诇讬诐 讻诪讜 驻讚讬拽讜专, 诪谞讬拽讜专,
    讟讬驻讜诇讬 驻谞讬诐, 讗驻讬诇爪讬讛 讜注讜讚. 诇诪专讜转 砖讝讗转 讛讬讬转讛 专拽 砖讬讞转
    住拽住, 讗谞讬 讘讞讬讬诐 诇讗 讗砖讻讞 讗转 讛讙鈥欁欁犠掆欁欁 讛诪讟专讬驻讛 讜讛诇讜讛讟转 砖讛爪诇讬讞讛 诇讙专讜诐 诇讬 诇讛砖驻专讬抓 讻诪讜 砖讘讞讬讬诐 诇讗 讞讜讜讬转讬.
    讞讘专转 拽诇讬驻住讜谞讙 讛诪诪讜拽诪转 讘诪专讻讝, 诪注谞讬拽讛 诇拽讛诇 诇拽讜讞讜转讬讛
    讗转 讛讬讻讜诇转 诇讛驻讬拽 拽诇讬驻 诇讞转讜谞讛 讜诇讻诇 讗讬专讜注, 讘砖诇诇 住讙谞讜谞讜转 讜专注讬讜谞讜转
    诪拽讜专讬讬诐. 砖讬诪转 讛讚讙砖 讘谞讙讘 讛讬讗 注诇 讗讬讻讜转 讛讘讬爪讜注 , 砖诪讬专讛 注诇 讝讻讜讬讜转 注讜讘讚讬讛 讜专讜讜讞转诐 讜砖讘讬注讜转 专爪讜谉 诇拽讜讞讜转讬讛.
    讗诇讜 诇诪注砖讛 讛讚讘专讬诐 讛讘住讬住讬讬诐 砖讬砖 讘讛诐 爪讜专讱 讘注转 拽讘诇转 注讬住讜讬 讗专讜讟讬 讘专讗砖 讛注讬谉 诪注讘专 诇讻讱, 谞讬转谉 诇讘拽砖 讚讬专讛 讚讬住拽专讟讬转 讛讻讜诇诇转 讙’拽讜讝讬
    讗讜 驻讬谞讜拽讬诐 诪砖讞专专讬诐 讻诪讜 讗讘讬讝专讬 诪讬谉 讜讗诇讻讜讛讜诇 注诇 诪谞转
    诇讞诪诐 讗转 讛讗讜讜讬专讛 砖诇讻诐 注诐 讛诪注住讛. 砖诪注讜谉 讗讝讜诇讗讬 讛诪注住讛 讛专讗砖讬 讜讘注诇
    讛拽诇讬谞讬拽讛 讛讬谞讜 诪注住讛 专驻讜讗讬 诪讜住诪讱 砖诪转诪讬讚 诇诇诪讜讚 讜诇注讘讜专 讛砖转诇诪讬讜转 讘讗讜驻谉 拽讘讜注, 注诇 诪谞转 砖讛讞讜讜讬讛 砖诇讻诐 转讛讬讛
    讬讜爪讗转 讚讜驻谉. 讗转诐 讬讻讜诇讬诐 诇讗讛讜讘 讗转 讛讗讬砖讛
    砖诇讻诐 注讚 讻诇讜转, 讗讘诇 讗诐 诪砖讛讜 诇讗 注讜讘讚 讘诪注专讻转
    讛讬讞住讬诐 讛讗讬谞讟讬诪讬转 讘讬谞讬讻诐 讝讛 诇讗 讗讜诪专 砖讗转诐 爪专讬讻讬诐 诇讜讜转专 注诇 讛专讬讙讜砖讬诐 砖讛注讜诇诐 讬讻讜诇 诇讛爪讬注 诇讻诐.
    讘驻讜注诇, 转讜讻诇讜 诇讛讙讬注 讗诇 诪讻讜谉 注讬住讜讬讬诐 诪驻谞拽讬诐 讘诪讟专讛 诇拽讘诇
    注讬住讜讬 诪驻谞拽 讘谞转谞讬讛/讛砖专讜谉 讘诇讘讚, 讗讜 诇讞讬诇讜驻讬谉 讬讜讻诇 讛诪注住讛
    诇讛讙讬注 讗诇讬讻诐 注讚 驻转讞 讛讘讬转 讗讜 讗转诐 讬讻讜诇讬诐 诇讛讙讬注 讗诇讬讜 诇讚讬专讛 驻专讟讬.
    注诐 讟专拽讟讜专讜谞讬 讛讘专讜谉 转讜讻诇讜 诇注专讜讱
    讬讜诐 讙讬讘讜砖 讜讻讬祝 诇注讜讘讚讬诐 讜诇讛爪讬注 诇讛诐 讞讜讜讬讛
    讬讬讞讜讚讬转 讜砖讜谞讛, 注诐 讟讬讜诇讬诐 讘砖讟讞, 讟讬讜诇 讟专拽讟讜专讜谞讬诐
    讞讜讜讬讬转讬 讘诪讬讜讞讚, 讗专讜讞讜转 讜诇讬谞讛 讘砖讟讞 讜讗讬谉 住驻讜专 讚专讻讬诐 诇讛驻讜讱 讗转 讬讜诐 讛讙讬讘讜砖 诇讞讜讜讬讛
    谞驻诇讗讛 诪讛谞讛 讜诇讘讟讞 砖讜谞讛 讜诪讬讜讞讚转.

  • 讻讱 诇讚讜讙诪讗, 讘注转 砖讗转诐 诪注讜谞讬讬谞讬诐 诇注讘讜专 注讬住讜讬 讘专诪转 讛砖专讜谉 讛诪转诪拽讚 讗讱 讜专拽
    讘专讗砖, 讗讜 诇讞讬诇讜驻讬谉 讘注讬住讜讬 讛诪转诪拽讚 讘讗讝讜专 讛讻转驻讬讬诐.
    诇讻谉, 讛讛诪诇爪讛 讛讬讗 诇讘专讜专 讘拽驻讬讚讛 讗转 讛讗驻诇讬拽爪讬讛
    讗讜 讛讗转专 讛诪讘讜拽砖 讜诇拽讞转 讗转 讛诪讬讚注 讗讱 讜专拽 诪拽讜诐 讗诪讬谉,
    讗砖专 诪住驻拽 诪讬讚注 诪拽讬祝 讘谞讜砖讗. 讻诇 诪讛 砖讗转诐 爪专讬讻讬诐 讝讛 谞注专讜转
    诇讬讜讜讬 转讞转 拽讟讙讜专讬讛 诪讚讛讬诪讛 砖讘讜专专转 讜砖诪讛 诇注爪诪讛 讗转 讛拽专讬讟专讬讜谞讬诐 讛讙讘讜讛讬诐 讘讬讜转专.
    讘讞讜专讛 诪讚讛讬诪讛 讘诪专讻讝 诇讻诪讛 砖讘讜注讜转, 讛谞讗讛鈥 诪驻讙砖 讗讬讻讜转讬 讜住讜注专 注诐
    讘讞讜专讛 诪讚讛讬诪讛 讘诪讬讜讞讚鈥 诇驻谞讬 讻砖谞讛 讛讜讗 注讘专 诇诪砖讻谞讜 讛讞讚砖 – 讞诇诇 讬驻讛驻讛,
    讗讜讜专讬专讬 讜诪讘讜讚讚 诪讛诪讜诇转 讛讬讜诪讬讜诐 讛讻讜诇诇 诪住驻专 专讘 讬讜转专 砖诇 讞讚专讬 讟讬驻讜诇讬诐 讜讙讙
    注诐 谞讜祝 驻谞讜专诪讬 诇讬诐. 讘讻诇 讛谞讜讙注 诇转讞讜诐 讞讬讬 讛诇讬诇讛, 讛注讬专 谞转谞讬讛 诪讗驻砖专转 诇讻诐 诇讬讛谞讜转 诪讛讬爪注 讛讜诇讱
    讜讙讚诇 砖诇 诪讜拽讚讬 讘讬诇讜讬 讛讻讜诇诇讬诐 讘讬谉 讛讬转专:
    诪住注讚讜转 砖祝, 讘转讬 拽驻讛 讗拽住拽诇讜住讬讘讬讬诐, 讘专讬诐
    讜驻讗讘讬诐 诪拽讜诪讬讬诐, 诪讜注讚讜谞讬 讗讬专讜讞, 拽专讬讜拽讬 讜讘讗讜诇讬谞讙, 诪转讞诪讬
    讞讚专讬 讘专讬讞讛, 诪转讞诪讬 拽讜诇谞讜注, 诪转讞诪讬 住驻讗 诪驻谞拽讬诐, 讜讻诪讜讘谉, 讟讬讬诇转 转讬讬专讜转讬转.
    讗讱 讗诐 讗转诐 诪注讜谞讬讬谞讬诐 讘注讬住讜讬 诪驻谞拽 讘讙讘注转讬讬诐 诇爪讜专讻讬 讛谞讗讛 讜专讙讬注讛 讗讜 诇专讙诇 讗讬专讜注 砖诪讞讛
    诪住讜讬诐, 转讜讻诇讜 诇拽专讜讗 讘诪讗诪专 讝讛 注诇 砖诇讜砖讛 住讜讙讬
    注讬住讜讬讬诐 讗砖专 诪转讗讬诪讬诐 诇诪讟专讛 讝讜 讜讬注谞讬拽讜 诇讻诐 讬讜诐 讘讬诇讜讬
    诪驻谞拽 讜讗讬讻讜转讬 讘诪讬讜讞讚 讗砖专 住讘讬专 诇讛谞讬讞
    砖转专爪讜 诇讞讝讜专 注诇讬讜 砖讜讘 讻讘专 讘砖谞讛
    砖讗讞专讬. 讘住拽住 讗砖, 转讜讻诇讜 诇讛谞讜转 诪专砖讬诪讛
    砖诇 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讗讬诇转 讛驻讜注诇讜转 讘注讬专, 讗砖专 讬专注谞谞讜 诇讻诐 讗转 讛讞讜驻砖讛 讜讬讛驻讻讜 讗讜转讛 诇讘诇转讬 谞砖讻讞转.

  • 诪讗专讞转 讘专诪讛 讗讞专转 讘专讗砖 驻讬谞讛 讘讚讬专讛 驻专讟讬转 讜谞拽讬讛 转拽讘诇讜 讟讬驻讜诇
    讘专诪讛 讙讘讜讛 讙诐 转讛谞讛 诪讛谞讜祝 讛诪讚讛讬诐
    砖诇 讛爪驻讜谉 讜讙诐 转讛谞讛 诇驻专讟讬诐 谞讜住驻讬诐. 诪注住讛 驻专讟讬转 专讜爪讛 讗讜转讱!
    讘砖讘讬诇 注讬住讜讬 诪讜砖诇诐 爪专讬讱 砖谞讬 讚讘专讬诐: 诪注住讛 诪拽爪讜注讬 讜砖诪谉 讗讬讻讜转讬.
    注讬住讜讬 讘讞讬驻讛 讬讻讜诇 诇讛讬谞转谉 诇讻诐 注诇 讬讚讬 诪注住讛
    讙讘专 讗讜 诪注住讛 讗讬砖讛. 讘拽诇讬谞讬拽讛 驻专讟讬转 讗讜 讘讘讬转 讛驻专讟讬 – 讛讬讻谉 诪讜诪诇抓
    讛注讬住讜讬 讘讞讬驻讛 讜讛住讘讬讘讛 ? 讘拽诇讬谞讬拽讛 驻专讟讬转 讗讜
    讘讘讬转 讛驻专讟讬 讘讛专爪诇讬讛 – 讛讬讻谉 诪讜诪诇抓 讛注讬住讜讬?
    讻讬讜诐, 讛讚讙砖 砖诇 讛注讬住讜讬 讛砖讜讜讚讬 讛讜讗 注诇 讛讛讬讘讟讬诐 讛驻住讬讻讜诇讜讙讬讬诐 讜讛专讜讞谞讬讬诐 砖诇 讛讟讬驻讜诇.
    讘住讜驻讜 砖诇 讚讘专 诇爪讜专讱 讛注讬住讜讬 爪专讬讱 诇砖讻讘 讘诪讬讟讛 讜讛讚讬专讜转 讛讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 转讜讻谞谞讜 讘诪讬讜讞讚 诇诪讟专讛 讝讜.
    诇住讬讻讜诐; 注讬住讜讬 驻专讟讬 讘拽专讬转 砖诪讜谞讛/谞讛专讬讛 讛谞讜 注讬住讜讬 诪拽爪讜注讬 诇讻诇
    讚讘专. 讻诇 诪讛 砖谞讚专砖 诪讻诐 讝讛 诇讘爪注 转讬讗讜诐 爪讬驻讬讜转 讗讞专讜谉 讜谞注专讜转 讛诇讬讜讜讬 讛诪诪转讬谞讜转 24 砖注讜转 讘讬诪诪讛
    转讛驻讜讻谞讛 讻诇 讚讘专 诇讞讜讜讬讛 注诐 讝讬讻专讜谉 诪转讜拽.
    转讜驻住 讗转 讛诪砖拽诇 讘砖转讬 讬讚讬讬诐,
    讛转专讜诪诐 讘诇讬 诇讻讜驻祝 讗转 讛讙讘, 谞住讛 诇讛注讘讬专 讗转 讻诇 讛注讘讜讚讛 诇专讙诇讬讬诐, 讜诇讗 诇注诪讜讚 讛砖讚专讛.
    讘诪驻专拽讬 注诪讜讚 讛砖讚专讛. 讘诪拽专讬诐 讻讗诇讛 讛讻讗讘 诪拽专讬谉 诇 讝专讜注 讗讜 专讙诇.

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    讘专讞讜讘讜转. 讛讬讻谞住 讜诪爪讗 讛诪诇爪讜转 讙讜诇砖讬诐, 讞讜讜转 讚注转 讜诪讬讚注 诪拽爪讜注讬 讗讜讚讜转 注讬住讜讬 讜讟讬驻讜诇 住驻讗 讘讛讜讚 讛砖专讜谉.
    讘诪讬讚讛 讜讛砖讬拽讜诇 讛注讬拽专讬 讛讜讗 讻诇讻诇讬, 谞住讜 诇讞住讜讱 讘讛讜爪讗讜转 讘注讝专转 讘讞讬专转 讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讘转诇 讗讘讬讘 诇驻讬 讛诪诇爪讜转 砖诇 讞讘专讬诐, 讘谞讬 诪砖驻讞讛 讗讜 诇拽讜讞讜转 拽讜讚诪讬诐.
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    讝讛 讛讜讗 诇讗 驻讜专讜诐 砖诇 住讜讻谞讜转 讗讜 诪砖专讚
    诇讬讜讜讬 讘讜讚讚 – 讝讛 讗转专 砖诪住驻拽 诪讙讜讜谉 注爪讜诐 砖诇 诪砖专讚讬
    诇讬讜讜讬. 谞注专讜转 诇讬讜讜讬 讘讻诇 诪拽讜诐 – 讗讬讱
    讬讜讚注讬诐 砖讝讛 讘讗诪转 讗讬讻讜转讬?
    讗讬讱 讘讜讞专讬诐 驻讜专讟诇 讗讬讻讜转讬 诇诪爪讬讗转 诪讘讜拽砖讻诐
    ? 讻诪讜 讻谉, 讗转诐 讘讜讞专讬诐 诪讛 转注砖讜 讘砖注讜转
    砖讛砖讻专转诐 讗转 讛讞讚专. 诪转诇讘讟 讗讬诇讜 讚讬专讜转 讚讬住拽专讟讬讜转 讘爪驻讜谉 讬住驻拽讜 诇讱 讗转 讛砖讬专讜转 讛讟讜讘 讘讬讜转专?

    诪讞驻砖讬诐 诇诪爪讜讗 诪注住讜转 讗讬讻讜转讬讜转 注诇 讛爪讚
    讛讟讜讘 讘讬讜转专? 诇砖诪讞 讗转讻诐, 诇专讙砖, 诇讛驻讜讱 讗转 讛讞讬讬诐 讛讻讬 讟讜讘 砖讗驻砖专 讘讗诪爪注讜转
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    砖诪讜谞讛/谞讛专讬讛 , 讘诇讞讬爪转 讻驻转讜专 讗讞转, 诪讛 砖讬讙专讜诐 诇讻诐 诇诪爪讜讗 讗转 讛诪注住讛 讛讗讬讚讬讗诇讬 砖诇讻诐
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    讛讟讬驻讜诇 诇拽讘讜注, 诇驻讞讜转 讗讞转 诇砖讘讜注.
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    讘专讗砖 讛注讬谉 讘诇讘讚, 讗讜 诇讞讬诇讜驻讬谉 讬讜讻诇 讛诪注住讛 诇讛讙讬注 讗诇讬讻诐
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    讛驻讬谞讜拽 讛砖讜谞讬诐, 讗讱 讻讚讗讬 诇讝讻讜专 讻讬 诪讟专转 讛注诇 砖诇 讛注讬住讜讬 诪驻谞拽 讛讬讗 诇讬讬爪专 砖诇讜讜讛

  • After I initially commented I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service? Thank you!

  • 诇讗 诪注讟 住讜讻谞讜讬讜转 谞诪谞注讜转 诇讛讙讬讚 诇讗讝讜专讬诐 诪专讜讞拽讬诐 讘爪驻讜谉 讛讗专抓 讚讜讙诪转
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    讻诪讜 讻谉, 讗讬谞讻诐 爪专讬讻讬诐 诇讛讝诪讬谉 讗讜转讛 诇讘讬转 讛驻专讟讬 砖诇讻诐 讗诇讗 诇诪注砖讛 转讜讻诇讜 诇砖讻讜专 讞讚专
    讘讘讬转 诪诇讜谉 讗讜 讞讚专 诇驻讬 砖注讜. 讻诪讜讘谉, 砖讛讘讬拽讜砖 讛讙讘讜讛 诇谞注专讜转
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    讻诪讜讘谉, 砖讛讬爪注 谞注专讜转 讛诇讬讜讜讬 讙讚讜诇 讘讞讜讚砖讬 讛砖讬讗 (讞讜讚砖讬 讛拽讬抓).
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    讝讛讜 讘讬诇讜讬 砖讙讘专讬诐 讗讜讛讘讬诐, 讘讬诇讜讬
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    讛讬讗 讞讬讛, 砖讜拽拽转 讘讬诇讜讬 讜讛谞讗讛, 诇专讜讘 诪诇讗讛
    讘转讬讬专讬诐 (讘讬谉 讗诐 讬砖专讗诇讬诐 讗讜 讝专讬诐)
    砖诪注讜谞讬讬谞讬诐 诇驻专讜拽 注讜诇 讜诇爪讗转
    诪讛专讜讟讬谞讛 砖诇 讛讞讬讬诐.

  • graliontorile August 4, 2022   Reply →

    Great blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Kudos!

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    Im obliged for the post.Thanks Again. Great.

  • 讻谉 讞砖讜讘 诇讚注转 讻讬 讘讻诇 讛拽砖讜专 诇讗讜驻讬 讛注讬住讜讬 讜诪讬讚转 讛讞讜讝拽, 讗讬谉 讘讗诪转 讞砖讬讘讜转 诇诪注住讛 讗讬砖讛 讗讜 诪注住讛 讙讘专.
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