Preface. What Is This Blog About?

This is not a sailing blog!

Yes, there will be tons of ropes, knots, boats, waves and incalculable amount of conversations about weather in our upcoming life. But I see at least 1 good reason why this blog is not about sailing:

Let’s be honest: our family and friends just don’t give a sh*t about how to properly tension a cunningham!


This blog is not about glam.

Yes, I wish this blog could be about drinking a rum & coke in my new bikini at sunset. But, again, I see a few situations why this topo would not be as glamorous as it seems:

  1. “No more rum. Damn! It was least expensive at the previous spot. Holly cow! It’s in fact 4 times the price of a bottle at the SAQ on this island. Screw up the rum. Let’s have a beer. Crap! No more beers! No problemo, there’s still that pack of juice. Oh no!? The fridge is broken! Hmmm…we don’t have a freezer, so no ice cube. Nahhh! who cares. Hot juice in a plastic cup…yummy! That’s the life baby!”
  2. “Stupid broken fridge! We spent the day trying to fix it at 45 degrees. I need more coverage than a bikini to hide my clammy look. Even my sunhat refuse to sit on my greasy hair.”

“…But you’re surrounded by water. Why don’t you just hop for a swim?” Oh – you think you’ve outsmarted us here, but it’s exactly where point 3 comes in action.

3. No time for a swim : it’s sunset!!! What? Were we really having in mind a drink at sunset? Who are we fooling! We have kids!  It’s time for cooking dinner in our “oh so spacious” kitchen, showering them in our luxurious 6 square foot bathroom and putting them to bed. Hell yeah! The happy hour of parenthood won’t disappeared at sea.


This blog is about US.

That’s it! It’s about what we are doing to get prepared to go and what will be our day to day when we’ll be out there. Nothing more than that. Except that we’re trying to make it fun to read rather than thoroughly informative. You might feel that you have to read between the lines in order to understand clearly the steps we are doing to get prepared. That’s ok. You don’t really feel like us sharing about our MS Project calendar anyway!


Let’s hope that our posts will make you laugh and dream at the same time.

Sam and Cass


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