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    Once upon a time, there was a family about to move on a sailboat...

Vlog 04. The Exumas


Did you know that Sam’s family came onboard for a whole month while we were in the Exumas? Here’s a little recap of our time there… and an AWESOME footage of Thunderball Grotto. Enjoy!
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Vlog 03. Sailing the Bahamas


Here’s our trip from Abaco to Nassau, where we took some time to relax, sail (finally!) and pet some pigs along the beach. Or as Matey would say, ”une gros pig!”

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Vlog 02. Florida to the Bahamas


We are SO happy to share our second video and also make you guys part of this incredible and long-waited adventure.

We made it through and we’re finally living our dream!

Here’s a little recap of the last weeks, just before leaving the intracostal for the Bahamas. 🙂

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Chapter 28. The first Anchorage

-I hope we are going to find some boats with kids in the Bahamas! I say.
-Mike said it would be full of kids in the Exumas.
-Yeah, well we’re not in the Exumas for now… Still hoping it won’t take another month.
-I feel ya! I hope we’re going to be able to fish in the Bahamas soon! I put on a troll behind the boat. We’ll see. I am not so hopeful.

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Chapter 27. The well deserved Holidays.

– Sam, it’s gonna be Christmas sooooon! I said, giggling and chuclking happy like a kid… before Christmas.

-Yeah… Whatever that means.

-You don’t look happy.

-It’s not like if it would change a thing, there are still things to do, Cass.

-Wait, what? NO! NOOOOO!!!!!! You are taking some time off for Christmas, Sir.

That was an order. Sam needed a break. He didn’t insist much on working, which tells a lot.

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Mini Pocketbook 8. The Splash And The Splash In The Sandwich

Written by Matey

The dignhy or zodiac is what allows us to go from to boat to shore.

Mommy told me Daddy was going to splash the boat and bring it at anchor. She says the boat is ready. Then he will pick us up in the thing they call dinghy. They say it’s like a car. Doesn’t look like one to me. No way! I will definitely go with Daddy now:


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Chapter 24. The Orange Fridge Came Back

-Do you want another coffee Sam?

-Yeah… not so much in the mood to start over the thru-holes…

-I know honey. It doesn’t drip much, but that is the thing to do.

-I wanna splice lines in the cockpit Cass, I am very discouraged.

-Every day brings surprises on Pablo, maybe it will be a good day!

-Yeah…. Says Sam not so enthusiastically.

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Chapter 25. Cumberland Island’s Menagerie Of Animals

Cass is just crazy excited, like a dog when the bell door rings:

-Oh my god oh my god oh my god!  I can’t believe that we are leaving!!!! HIIIIII! I can’t control myself, just too excited!

-Calm down, we are 10 minutes away from the boat yard only, replies Sam. We literally, JUST left the anchorage.


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