• They give us a helping hand!


    For you it might be a company name. For us, it's people with beautiful values and vision of the world. It's hard to express how grateful we are. We simply feel humble in front of so much generosity. You guys rock!

MDF Instruments

MDF Instruments is an astonishing company who create world-class, lifetime warrantied, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers. But there’s more. To quote them, “They simply do not accept that if you are born poor, you are likely to live in a lower state of wellness.” And they DO walk the talk.

“We would humbly ask if you could carry a huge amount of medical gear to donate in our name in the communities you’ll meet along your trip.”

When we read this email, it really brought tears to our eyes. Being given the opportunity to be the instrument of such generosity is, to us, simply moving. Of course we accept! We are GRATEFUL and HONORED to have you behind us.

MFD Instruments #craftingwellness program intend to change the world, one stethoscope at a time. Read their heartwarming manifesto

Rudolf Riester GmbH

Rudolf Riester GmbH, who's that?

First, it’s a German company who manufactures diagnostic devices for cardiology, ENT, ophtalmology and even veterinary fields. The company was founded in 1948, and it remained family-owned based until recently (which we can still feel today!)

Second, they are just AMAZING. They sent a package our way without saying what was inside. What was not our surprise but to find out that they generously gave us ALL the missing devices we were looking for! (insert jaw dropping emoji here) Even our MD consultant Sophie was jealous at our equipment, and confirmed that it was top quality gear.

Third, for us, they are now just #riester

Guys, you totally spoiled us! Thank you so much. 🙂