Who are we?

Here's few lines to laugh a bit about us! Who said we were taking ourselves so seriously?


I am Cass! 36, half artist, half project manager. I am not very adventurous as a person, but if there’s a chance for a rum coco under a palm tree, count me in. I met Sam 12 years ago although it feels like it was yesterday. He keeps pushing my limits further. One summer, we went on camping every single weekends. On the 14th weekend in a row, we drove 5 hours to reach the trail. 3 minutes after we started to trek, I stopped and burst into tears: “I Want to go home, watch a movie and eat an ice creaaaaaaammmm!!! sob sob sob…!” Limit reached, for that time.

Yep! you can call me Cass or Princess! I don't mind, because I am the one who lift the anchor! So it makes me a pretty badass princess.

The "Salty"

"Salty" is how the boat lovers call the experienced and knowledgeable sailors who navigates on the oceans. It is also the nickname of our oldest mini. She is smart, strong and clever. She is also crazy cute when she plays hide and seek and just cannot stand the suspense of being found. “I’M HERE!!!!!” she says jumping out of her spot. She is curious and fearless! Salty also started to prank us and put toys in our boots at 1 year old only. Of course she couldn’t stand the suspense and after 2 minutes she was screaming: “DADDY!!! I PUT A BLOCK IN YOUR BOOT!!!”

No time for kisses, hugs or playing hairdresser in the morning. Our Salty has stuff to do. She has life to discover to the fullest. At our departure, Salty will be 4 years old.

The "Matey"

Matey! He is young but we already call him our happy camper. He is pure sweetness. It seems his smile has been glued on his face when he was still in the womb. He is so laid back, every morning he just waits silently in his crib until we come to see him. When we enter his bedroom, he flaps his wings happily with that crazy adorable look, like if he’s saying: “YAY!! MY FAVORITE PERSONS ARE THERE! WHAT A GREAT DAY ALREADY!”

Matey might be the youngest member of the crew, but he speaks the language of the pirates with the spitting, the laughing, the arrrrrrww (drool comes in as an abundant bonus!) When we’ll cast off, he will just turned 2.

Captain Sam

35 years old captain Sam can be described with this small anecdote. During a cycling trip, we were climbing a huge hill by walking next to our loaded bicycles. It took almost an hour of going up slowly step by step before we reached the top. I was exhausted. Sam said with a serious look : “MY GOODNESS! THAT WAS QUITE A FALSE FLAT!” I could have killed him on the spot. I pointed him a sign for the trucks : “False flat?! False flat don’t require a "19% hill - Check your breaks" sign!”

That’s my man! He definitely takes up challenges in a very positive way. That's why although he has a degree in computer science, he also woodwork, repair fiberglass, sew duffle bags and so on! He's our beloved swiss-army knife man.