Minis Pocketbook 7. Daddy…You’re Disguised?

Written by Salty.

-Wake up Salty…wake up!

It’s Mommy. She wants me to get up because we are going at the airport.

-Put on your vest, and your summer coat Salty.

-But Mommy, it’s cold outside, it’s fall.

-No honey, where we are going, this will be the warmest clothes you’ll need.


We took 2 airplanes. The pilot in one of the plane even came and gave me his pilote badge!

Mommy says:


-Now we have to go pickup all our bags. We have 6 pouches of 50 pounds each so…I hope I can find a cart. Follow me kids.


The airport where we arrived was big!


-Look Mommy!!!  A pink bracelet in the shop. I want to see it!!!!

-No honey, I need to change Matey in a rush and then pick up our bags.


She never wants me to look at stuff and asks that I stays around and close to her at all time…



-MOMMY!! It’s Daddy!!!!!????

-Ok, run for Dad now, she replies. You don’t have to stay with mom now.


I ran as much as I could. Matey followed me (he is always a bit slow to understand what’s happening).



-Daddy!! DADDDDYYYYYY!!!!!


I hugged Daddy like it’s been forever. Well it’s been 2 months and a half.


-But, Daddy?

-What sweetie?

-You are disguised?

-What do you mean, no?

-You have a moustaaaaaacheeee?

-Ah! Well, do you like it.

-Yes Daddy, I love it! But, it’s a bit itchy for me.

-Oh. I might cut it then. Maybe…

Mommy and Daddy kissed. Then Matey and I took each one a hand of Daddy and went to get our bagages.


Note from Sam: Yes, finally together that day!  And that feeling of holding your kids in your arms and holding them by the hand was for sure much better than holding tools and grabbing equipments in your arms.

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