Mini’s Pocketbook 6. The Flying Cereals

Written by Matey.


We all sit for dinner. We eat cereals. That’s because Daddy isn’t there. Otherwise we would eat tofu or vegies. It’s good cereals, we only eat that with Mommy. The phone ring. IT’S DADDY! Mommy hangs off. Shee seems happy:

-Kids…I have a very good news to tell you.


Salty frowns and look at mommy, super curious.


-What news Mommy?


I gotta do the same than her. My mouth is full of cereal and I try to frown at the same time. Come on, I can do it. I look at Mommy too and say :


-Fff kkoiff Mmy? (Damn! There is a lot of cereal that got out of the mouth at the same time. Mommy is again gonna say I am like a llama…)

-You remember the boat Daddy went back to see? The one that was a bit broken…? WE’RE BUYING IT!


Salty drops her spoon, lift her arms in the air and screams:



I am not so sure I remember what she talks about but that looks important. I gotta do like Salty! I NEED to be in the gang.


Let’s go! I lift my arms in the air, drop my spoon…..WOOO, NOOOOOO!!! It was the opposite!! The spoon just flew in the air and the cereals just splashed everywhere on the wall… I hesitate, I am not really finished to do like Salty. Come on!!! no time to waste, I have to be in the gang, I scream:



yes! We FINALLY own a boat guys.

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