Chapter 1. We’re Just Like Camels.

It’s tonight we’re having our first medical class. Now, by class, I mean a dinner home with a very dear friend of mine, Sophie, and maybe a cup of wine. Doesn’t sound that official, but hey…Sophie is a former MD, specialized in Emergency Room, also having a bunch of special certifications, such as Rescue in Mountains.


(Not rescuing mountains. That would be silly. “Mayday Jo! The mountain is badly injured. Send me 50 helicopters with cables; we’ll lift it to the closest hospital. We’ll leave no mountain behind Jo.”)


Tonight, she spends her time off with us – and a salmon- discussing about medical concepts that we need to understand if we want to become “Doctor Mom&Dad” on board. In remote places, a bit of self autonomy and medical knowledge couldn’t hurt. In tricky emergency situations, we’ll manage to reach Sophie on land. She will assess the situation and give us her input from the distance. For now, she is an amazing teacher.


While eating the salmon – in case you were wondering why it was part of the previous sentence, it’s only because for once, I cooked and I wanted to brag about it a bit since I only received compliment about how delicious it is. I am kind of stock forever with a reputation of girl that only eat cereals or create awkward mixes of canned food in the hope of never going inside a grocery store–so! While eating the salmon we are talking about dehydration on the boat;

-If I remember well Cass, you don’t drink a lot of water in a day, right?, she asks.
-Not really. Maybe 1 or 2 glasses of water… per week.


Sam reacts with a ISHHHH face. He is clearly expecting a shocking reaction from Sophie that just discovered how inexistent my interest in drinking water is. He looks for disapprobation. Sophie replies:

-Yeah. I’m like you. I don’t drink water that much myself…


She pauses briefly and adds the unexpected quote of the evening:
-We’re just like camels.

I look at her with a serious face, full of approval, probably frowning a bit, and think: Sophie rocks. She doesn’t drink water a lot. She’s like a camel. I don’t drink water a lot, I’m like a camel too. Thus, I rock.


“Would be good that you get medical gear so you can practice before casting off.” she proposes.

-Good idea, I reply while thinking “ I am a super duper camel.”

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One comment

  • Eric Asselin December 4, 2018   Reply →

    Hey Camel Girl,
    And Sam and family!

    took a while to get to it, but here I am, starting to read your blog.
    I like the spirit of it. It’s totally you. A bit funny, a bit camel!
    (just camel on water consumption, though) 😀
    I’m more dromedary, I drink a lot (too much) and I pee often
    (fortunately, because I’d be giganormous and very blobish).

    All right. Now I’ll keep catching up. 😉

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