Chapter 20. Love Comes In One Color.

No more cds in the house (we sold them all!), we’re listening to the radio in the car that morning. It’s commute time from home to the daycare:

-Who sings that song Mommy? asks Salty.

-Her name is Pink, pumpkin.


I see her coming… She will say she loves the song because her name is Pink.

-I LOVE Pink. She’s my FAVORITE singer. Because I LOVE pink.


Told you so.

When I went in India, it was the day after Holi. I swear if we go as a family, I will be there for that festival and will gladly PINK-ERIZE my daughter from head to toe.


-Me, love, Pink, Mommy! Matey adds.

-No Matey, you, it’s BLUE that you love, Salty explains very seriously. I am the PINK color!

-Mommy, BLUE, song, me?


Oh come on! NOPE, I quit my parent job if my son ever become a fan of Eiffel 65… I decide to ignore his comment and change subject. (And I suggest that if you don’t remember the song Blue from that band, you don’t look for it.)


-Today, Daddy has a big day kids! He will take the boat of the marina slip alone, he will go on the Atlantic ocean alone, he will be alone on the boat. Then he will get the boat in the loader of the boat yard and …

-Bla Bla Bla… Salty says cutting my last sentence.


Gosh! I thought she was in the “My Daddy is a hero” phase with the Pink and the Princesses? Cannot be a teenager at 4 years old right! … right?

During the whole day, the family asked for news from Sam. “Is he ok?” “How is the boat on the water?” “Must not have been easy to dock the boat alone?” There was so much support, I’m sure he felt it. I heard a saying once that when you see a bird, it’s someone thinking of you. In that case, I guess he felt the love through my dozens of text message asking for news instead!




On the evening , Sam calls us. The boat is finally out of the water in the new emplacement, ready to be pampered and refit for the next months:

-I was so happy guys, Sam says with enthusiasm. The wind was nice, the sails worked great. The autopilot pranked me every time I was getting out of the cockpit though! The furler got stock, you know why : the previous owners inverted the in and out button. Really! By the time I realized that, the sail was completely jammed inside the mast, of course. But all in all, it was such a fulfilling day. Oh! I also arrived one hour too early for the tide. So I had to anchor by myself with the boat for the first ti…

-Bla Bla Bla…

-Salty! it’s not kind to cut Daddy like that. It is a huge accomplishment for him you know.


Sam tries to find something to gain back her interest:

-Guess what Salty, when I arrived in the smaller river, around the very last corner at the end of the day, there was a whole flock of flamingos that flew all around me. You should have seen them, they were all FLUO PINK, just incredib…


-PINK!!! YES YES YES!!! Flamingos are my FAVORITE birds. (Sam just got back his My Daddy Is A Hero title!)


And yes! THERE were your birds : all waiting for Sam at the finish line of the day to tell him how proud we were of all of his First Times.


-Mommy, pink, birds, me??


I lean discretely toward Matey and whisper:


-That’s fine. You can chose to love the pink flamingos as well, you don’t have to love only blue… just don’t tell Salty I allowed you to.



After all, as someone wrote so well, “Love just comes in one color. Pink!

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