Chapter 27. The well deserved Holidays.

– Sam, it’s gonna be Christmas sooooon! I said, giggling and chuclking happy like a kid… before Christmas.

-Yeah… Whatever that means.

-You don’t look happy.

-It’s not like if it would change a thing, there are still things to do, Cass.

-Wait, what? NO! NOOOOO!!!!!! You are taking some time off for Christmas, Sir.

That was an order. Sam needed a break. He didn’t insist much on working, which tells a lot.

-All right, we’re going to take 2 days off, he replied.

-Great! At 12:00 on December 24, we call it off.


After cheating and working until 14:45, we put on some Christmas light (listen– Christmas is NOTHING without Christmas lights… right?), Christmas music, Baileys in our afternoon coffees. We put the Christmas Charlie Brown movie as well, during which Sam said:

-Something is wrong with our pannel that shows the electric consumption. I need to investigate with Neil after Christmas.

-At least, that is great that we are at the mooring with him, then!

-Yes. And by that time, we should lower down our electrical consumption too.

-Lower….? Like what?

-No movies, no server running, no computer, no more Christmas lights…

I exploded right at that part of the sentence.


-It draws 5 amp/hour.

-Christmas is NOT the same without the Christmas lights, Sam, I said with the most gruff voice.

-I know Cass, but it’s already not the same without the snow anyway. Family is not there too.

-But Sam… I said my eyes filled with water. (I really do love the Christmas lights…)

-We need to investigate on the batteries Cass. I fear we might need to change them.

-Oh shit…you mean, literally before crossing to the Bahamas?

-Depends…we’ll see…


I was disapointed but it was necesssary. That was the first year that Christmas was only a day and not a ”season that last from last day of work until first day back at work after new year”. It really didn’t feel like Holidays. We kept working and despite all efforts, the spirit does come with the lights and a fireplace…

A very merry Christmas, without the snow!

After solid 2 good weeks of investigation, it turned out that we needed indeed the batteries and had to order them. Annnnd… wait 2 weeks for shipment. We took that time to go at my uncle’s place in Port St-Lucie.

-We bought stuff to make banana split for the kids!, said my cousin excited.

-Wow! That is great! replied Sam excitedly. What did you get?

-Ice cream, banana, smarties, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and cherries to put on top. We got chips, dips, hot dogs, popsicles…


-We  got wine, beers, rhum, spiced rhum, gin, tonic, tequila and mixes to make margarita and strawberry margarita.… We can get something else if you prefer. We didn’t know what you were missing on the boat.

-Wowwwwww…. Now I have a tough choice to make between banana split and drinks!

My uncle arrived in the lobby:

-Sam, come in the garage to choose your set : I’m bringing you to play golf this afternoon!

-WOOOAAHHH! I love golf!

Kids got spoiled with cartoon, treats and being offered new clothes, Sam got to drive luxury cars. Cass got coconut rhum and coke and chocolate all day long and got to spend time with family. THIS WAS AWESOME HOLIDAYS! Because since we were not on the boat, it just got impossible to work.

Our car for the week, thanks to my uncle. So lucky!

After almost a week of this royal treatment, it was time to go back on Pablo. And the timing was perfect as the phone rang the next morning. It was the marina next from where we were anchored:

-There is a van here with 900 pounds of batteries for you! Who’s coming to get that!?

-I am! said Sam ready.

Holiday time was over. And with these Holidays in January allowed Sam to get the rest he needed. That chunk of work would allow to have enough power to be fully ready to go to the remote Bahamas… (and get some Christmas lights again).

It worth it…

Right! 😉

Kids got spoiled with clothes and candies. Salty was LITTERALY living the dream over there, with all that pinky stuff.


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