Chapter 30. Swimming Bunny

AAs we were just arriving at anchor in Turk and Caicos, Salty worries:

– Mommy, do you think the Easter bunny will come visit us and give us chocolate?

I think.

– Of course sweet heart, the Easter bunny should be able to do that.
– But Mommy, how is he going to come visit us!
– I guess he will have to swim, or take a boat trip, we are not the only ones living on the water, I’m sure he has access to a boat.
– Does he know how to sail?
– Maybe it’s a motorboat Salty…?
– So he will make big waves when coming here.
– Maybe, I am not sure… (and I am not sure where the conversation is going either.)

She stops, becomes dead serious and replies:

– I will be able to know he is coming because I will hear its engine, then the boat will rock because of the waves, and I will hear his little paws on the deck . Thump thump thump! He will hide the eggs, and I will peak so I know where all the eggs are!
– Well, he is not coming today because we will be on the move soon and gotta cook today before we cross Turk and Caicos over the banks tomorrow.
– But Mommy, he HAS TO COME before we move. I will invite him.

She grabs paper and pen and draw an awesome Easter Bunny.

-Write this for me Mommy.

Dear Easter Bunny, I hope you’ll have a great day.

Signed, Sally and Mateo. Xxxxx

– It’s not an invitation, I am sure he will love it but you are not actually inviting him to come Salty.
– Wait Mommy. Write this at the bottom of the letter

PS: We’re a white sailboat with a penguin


– You see Mommy, now he knows how to find us!
– Very clever Salty, I said with my mom’s heart melting in tenderness.

Needless to say that, indeed, the Easter Bunny managed to visit us on the boat and hide a few eggs. It was 5 days past Easter, but you know, Easter Bunny always finishes his run with the boats! Well…. At least, Salty and Matey though it was a very believable explanations.

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